Comfortable Outfits for Your Long Flight

You’ve booked your flight and planned your stay. Your long-awaited and much-needed vacation is approaching. But, the dreaded part of traveling is getting there. Preparing for the airport can often make your head spin. How early should I get to the airport? Do I still need a mask for the plane? But obviously, the important question of them all is what should I wear on a plane? At Jofit, we got your back for all things travel.

Tips for Smooth Sailing Traveling

Before you can get your outfit all ready for the plane, it is a good idea to make sure that you are fully prepared for your airport experience. 

Get to Your Airport Early

According to Upgraded Points, a website that provides strategies to help travelers master their travel experience, the average TSA security line wait time is 14.9 minutes. Of course, these wait times will be different from one another depending on your airport. While it is always recommended to get to the airport 2 hours before domestic flights, and 3 for international, you can check the wait time at your airport on the My TSA Mobile App.   

Wear a Proper Face Covering

Although mask mandates have been lifted in all 50 U.S. states, it is still the FDA’s regulation to wear a face covering in the airport and on the plane. According to Delta, examples of permitted masks are: 

  • Disposable surgical masks 
  • Cloth masks 
  • N95 or KN95
  • Fabric masks with a clear plastic window  
  • Two layered neck gaiters

Pack a Snack for Your Wait

An essential for travel, especially if you zip through the security line fast, is to pack a snack. Food in the airport is wildly overpriced, which is why we recommend bringing your favorite snack with you. Some yummy, healthy, and easily packable options for your travels are:

  • (Dried) fruit
  • Nuts and granola
  • Trail mix
  • Protein bars
  • Packaged snacks like dry roasted edamame, crunchy chickpeas, kale chips, and beef jerky

Find an Activity to Pass the Time

You’ve found your gate and you’re all settled in, but you may have ample time to kill before your plane begins boarding. There are many things you can pack with you to ensure that you keep yourself entertained while you wait. Five things you can try are:

1)     Listen to a podcast or watch your favorite show. Both of these options can be downloaded to your phone or computer to view or listen to without Wi-Fi. Ranging from 20 minutes to over an hour, tuning into digital entertainment can fill hours of waiting time. 

2)     Read a book or buy a new one from a bookstore. Requiring no Internet connection, books are a great and easily packable form of entertainment. If you would rather buy one at the airport, bookstores carry new and trendy reads, as well as well-known classics. Plus, airport bookstores often sell discounted books!

3)     Go on a walk and explore the airport. Long flights forcing you to sit for hours can make you feel stiff and inactive. Get your blood flowing before you takeoff by strolling around the airport. 

4)     Shop! While shopping in the airport can be expensive, [FINISH SENTENCE]

5)     Eat a meal. Hungry and at a loss for what can keep you busy? Some airports have great food options, even if they are a bit overpriced. Grab something quick at a fast-food joint or sit back and get full service at a more upscale restaurant.

Wear Something You Can Sit in For Hours

Okay, okay, you’re probably on the edge of your seat wondering why we still haven’t answered the most important question of: what should I wear on a plane? At Jofit, we have five guidelines to travel attire: comfort, wrinkle free, breathable, easy-care, and quick drying. All these things will make it easier to sit in your outfit for a long travel day.

Cute and Comfortable Outfits to Travel In

Looking for pants, tops, or jackets to travel in? We got your back. Below are our favorite travel staples from Jofit!

Stretchy Pants (with Pockets!)

Our Side Pocket Tights were made to stretch with your strut and hug your legs in all the right places. Plus, they have pockets! Every woman’s dream. Slip your phone, wallet, and passport into the compressing thigh pockets to keep your belongings on you. Coming in a cute, easily matchable color, these leggings are perfect for your travels both in and out of the airport. 

Breathable Fringe Cardigan

The buttery-soft feel of our Fringe Poncho makes this top an absolute must for travel. Its hidden pockets elevate this top up a notch. Throw it on top of a tank to save space in your suitcase, and on your vacay you can wear it out to dinner, on the beach during a chilly night, or by a late-night fire.

Lightweight Layering Posh Jacket

This light jacket is a great staple item for traveling. It’s thin and stretchy, allowing you to move freely and sit comfortably on the plane. This jacket has usable pockets as well, large enough to store items securely. Its pop-collar and zippers make this jacket fashionable and functional all in one.

It's a Wrap Tights

These tights are another comfortable, yet cute option for the plane. Made with a super lightweight stretchy material, these pants are perfect for sitting in for long hours. Plus, the layered skirt on top elevates your look, preparing you for any occasion after landing.

French Terry Pull on Pant

Soft, cozy, stretchy & cute- our French Terry Joggers are absolutely ideal for a tiring day of travel. The elastic waistband and drawstring allow these pants to hug your hips just right. Similarly to our other travel pieces at Jofit, these pants have pockets in both the front and the back to free up your hands.

Match Your Terry Pants with The Terry Jacket

Turn the French Terry Joggers into a full loungewear set with the matching Terry Jacket. The subtle yet beautiful Blue Slate color makes this tracksuit anything but tacky. Its oversized collar and eye-catching zippers make this jacket a chic choice to wear with jeans on a night out after you touch-down.

Stay Comfortable All Day Long with Jofit

Because Jofit’s clothes are made for activity and movement, our light, stretchy, and cooling materials are ideal for travel! If you are looking for more of Jofit’s recommendations for travel and commuting pieces, check them out here.