February 3rd: National Girls & Women in Sports Day

The Rise of Women in Sports

It’s National Girls & Women in Sports Day and we are celebrating the many ways in which femmes of all kinds, like Michelle McGann, have been making their mark in the world of athletics; the kind of women our athletic wear continues to be inspired by and made for.

Gals & Golf

Golf is often seen as a primarily male-dominated sport, but women have been changing and developing the game since as early as the 15th century. Mary Queen of Scots developed the first golf course and caddy, followed by Issette Miller with the first golf handicap system in 1893. In 1938, Didrickson-Zaharias became the first woman to compete in a men’s tournament (the Los Angeles Open.) As women continue to make history and dominate in a game they were told wasn’t made for them, we continue to salute them by offering athletic pieces that complement both femininity and power.

Ladies Taking Over Tennis

Women have been at the forefront of tennis since Mary Ewing Outerbride introduced lawn tennis to the United States in 1874. From there, the Wimbledon tournament for tennis singles was created - ironically not including women. The first women to play in Wimbledon wore full-length dresses and still managed to outshine their male counterparts! Women continued to change the name of the game when in 1903, Hazel Hotchkiss Wrightman introduced net and volley play for women’s tennis in San Francisco. This earned her the nickname ‘Queen Mother of Tennis’. Our tennis collections are made to ensure women who continue to push the game forward can do so in style and comfort.

Pretty While Playing Pickleball

Although pickleball is equally played by both men and women, women statistically govern the game. Women’s doubles or mixed touch shot average is higher, while the average point is 9.6 hits or 12% longer compared to men-only matches. Our pickleball collection will keep you up and running cross-court or across town. Our wide selection is perfect for newbies who want their chance to shine or seasoned pickleball experts who want to continue to pave the way for women in the game.

Ode to All of Our active Sisters

From weightlifting to yoga to running; women continue to stay active and show their strength through all types of movement. We are not just female athletes; we are athletes changing the way the world looks at sports and redefining what it means to be strong. You bring your A-Game and we bring the support with an activewear collection that uplifts, defines, and empowers.