Have a Great Hike with Moisture Wicking Pants

Hiking is a great activity to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Being surrounded by nature helps relieve stress and get away from the noise of your day to day. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a newbie, it can be difficult to figure out what to wear. We have the perfect outfit choices for your trek, including stretchy, moisture-wicking pants!

Tips for what to wear on a hike

The basics of hiking clothes

Hiking clothes should always be functional and protective. Below are basics to wear for your trip.

  • Underwear and Socks – These are the most basic items to wear on your hike. Underwear can help with protecting you from the rubbing of material when taking long hikes and socks will help protect your ankles from shrubbery and bug bites.

  • Shirts and Jackets – You’re likely to be exposed to sun, rain and wind on hikes so keeping yourself safe is key. Lightweight, synthetic fabrics will be your best friend to help with transitional weather. Our featherlight UV crew will keep you cool and sun safe. 

  • Pants / Bottoms – There are many options for hiking bottoms from skorts , shorts to long pants. No matter what option suits your style, it’s important to choose stretchy, wicking fabrics so you can have the best mobility and stay dry.

  • Shoes – The shoes you choose to wear on a hike depend on personal preference, weather conditions and trail terrain. While hiking sandals work great in nicer weather, boots would be needed in cooler climates and rougher terrain.

  • Hats – We worry about covering our bodies from the elements that sometimes we forget about our face and heads. Hats are important to have for protecting your face from the sun. If hats aren’t your thing, our visor is a perfect headpiece to take on your adventure.

How do I know what to wear?

  • Choose moisture / sweat-wicking fabrics

  • Try to wear pants instead of shorts to eliminate scratches and bug bites

  • Choose clothes that allow free movement (activewear)

  • Dress in layers in preparation for temperature changes

  • Wear pants that are comfortable and sturdy

Hiking Pants that will keep you cool and fashionable

Everyday Pant 28”


Our everyday pant is perfect for a hiking trail. The stretch, moisture wicking fabric allows you to move freely and keep you cool.


Playoff Pant


Our playoff pant made in our active stretch woven fabric is made to move with you. The front and back pockets give perfect room to store your essentials.

Pull on Capri


If you’re planning a walk in the park after being in the office, our pull on capri is the style you need. We designed the silhouette to be tailored with function in our lightweight, 4 way stretch woven.


Passenger Pant


Our passenger pants have a resort look but made in our lightweight, 4 way stretch woven, they can be taken on your next adventure. The wide leg design allows free and flowing movement.


Uplifting Tights

Climb to the highest peaks in our uplifting tights. The nylon spandex stretch fabric moves with you and the 4 pocket design gives plenty of space to hold onto your essential items.
We hope these tips and list helps you with your next trek. Now that your prepared, we’re so excited for you to get out and enjoy nature. Remember, the best view comes after the hardest climb.
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