You’re about to head to Pilates – what are you wearing? Maybe you’re headed to the office, but you have a few errands to run post-work. What does your style look like for the day?  

If you answered leggings, tights, or workout pants, you go girl! Today’s athleisure is the style of the many, whether you’re 35 or 85. Regardless of your relationship with this fashion trendathleisure defines the clothing that allows you to DO with confidence!  

What is athleisure?

Athleisure was born out of a desire to downsize our closets  

Remember Marie Kondo? Her KonMari method of purging and organizing swept the nation earlier this year. This way of living inspired many of us to take into consideration what we fill our drawers and closets with. 

In the past, different clothes were required for different occasions. I’m not sure about your wardrobe, but many of ours were overflowing with looks that were work appropriate, going-out clothes, formal dress attire, bum clothes, and every-day wear.  

We all have that pile of styles that will work any day of the week, but we insist on wearing the same black leggings all the time.  

Regardless of what your go-to look is, at some time or another you’ve probably taken an inventory of your clothing and thought “I wish there were a simpler way!”  

Enter Athleisure, our saving grace. It’s a hybrid of the clothing you would wear anywhere where physical activity happens, and the clothes you choose to wear as a fashion statement.  

Why Athleisure Works  

Fashion historian Deirdre Clemente believes that athleisure is a culmination of three fashion mainstays: improvements to synthetic fiber, our fixation on a healthy appearance, and the blurring of fashion styles found in the yoga studio and the office place.  

At Jofit, we recognized that our everyday clothes have become our work clothes which have also sort of become out going out clothes and we ran with it! Athluxury iour take on comfort, style, and fit that you can wear anywhere. Instead of buying looks for every occasion, we invest in basics that can be used across the board.  

Our Athleisure Must-Haves 

For some of you, athleisure is the workout clothes you put on when it’s time to burn some calories. For others, athleisure is the leggings you throw on to run errands or lounge around in. For us here at Jofit, athleisure is everyday attire!   

Not all athleisure is made the same. In fact, we don’t even use that term to describe our athleisure. Instead, we define our spin on athleisure as Athluxury. We use the best performance fabrics to give you a fit like no other. All of our luxe athleisure pieces are squat tested and Jo approved!  

No closet is complete without these staples:  

A killer pair of athleisure leggings

Wearing tights is no longer scary! You can find tights in every shape, size, and style, whether they’re printed with pockets or jet black and seamless. Patterned tights have grown in popularity because they help create interest in any outfit and help to hide imperfections (like hail damage) that can be spotted in a plain pair of tights. Our woman tested, woman approved tights give you all the versatility in the world, whether you want to pair them with a t-shirt and flats or a poncho and booties. Regardless of how you choose to wear them, a versatile pair of tights (or two) are going to make getting ready morning or night a breeze.

A transitional tank

The ultimate necessity in any wardrobe, an athleisure tank is a key component in completing a look. Working out? Throw this baby on to keep yourself cool and motivated. Headed out for the night? Create a layered look with a sweatshirt, hoodie, or cropped cardigan. Plan to lay around the house all day? We set out to create a top that would allow you to work through a yoga flow or kill it in a spin class, but we accidentally created something that looks stunning anywhere (rooftop bars included).  

The best part about our athleisure wear? We offer the fit you love in multiple colors and prints! Bolster your athleisure collection with any of Jofit’s luxe athleisure looks.

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