Upgrade Mom's Closet This Mother's Day

Since the 1900s, we’ve celebrated Mother’s Day to thank our moms for loving, supporting, and raising us. While everyone celebrates Mother’s Day differently, one sure way to make your mum feel appreciated on her special day is by buying her something nice.

Traditional Mother’s Day gifts include flowers, chocolate, wines, and perfumes. However, recipients tend to forget about such gifts after using them. If you want a Mother’s Day gift that leaves your mom blushing for years to come, you should consider upgrading her wardrobe.

Besides showing how much you care, getting your mom classier and better fitting clothing can boost her confidence and her mood! If you need help figuring out how to upgrade your mom’s closet, no worries. Our Jofit gift guide has you covered with an array of options to spoil your mom this Mother's Day. 

Gift Ideas for Your Mom

Before upgrading your mom’s wardrobe, you need to ask yourself, what kind of clothes does mom need? Neglecting to ask this question could lead to buying pretty clothes that never leave the closet.

If your mom is an athletic person, get her clothes she can wear proudly to the gym. Moms who enjoy nights out with the girls will love party dresses, while professional moms might appreciate a designer business suit. Below are some popular mom niches and clothing gift ideas that match them. 

For the Golf Fanatic

If your mom loves spending her afternoons on the golf course, support her passion by getting her some new golf gear. Golf gear includes golf clubs, shoes, clothing and accessories. The best clothes for female golfers offer comfort, functionality, style, and sun protection.

For example, skirted tights like the It's A Wrap Tights feature a chic design and comfortable stretchy polyester spandex fabric. Even though these are tights, the pants have ball pockets that make carrying golf balls less troublesome. Also, the tights offer UPF50+ sun protection that will shield your mom’s legs from harsh sun rays while she sinks her 18 holes.

Upgrade your mom’s golfing gear by getting her the It's A Wrap Tights and a matching golf shirt and shoes. You could also get her new golf clubs if her current clubs are out of shape.

For the World Traveler

A Mother’s Day gift guide for moms that love to travel may recommend gifts like cameras and traveler guides. While these are nice gifts, your mom probably already has a phone that can serve as a camera and download travel guides.

Help make traveling more fun and less tedious for your mom by getting her a gift that can make her life easier. For example, your mom will have an easier time reaching destinations with everything she needs if she has the right luggage.

A top-rated suitcase for traveling moms is this Carry-On Roller. The 21-inch bag comes in beige, and its 360-degree smooth-rolling wheels and cushioned grip ensure effortless handling indoors and outdoors. Even better, the luggage is expandable and has a weight limit indicator that can help keep your bag under the maximum weight for carry-on luggage.

Comfortable clothing is also essential during a long plane, boat, train, or car trip. For this, we recommend getting your mom the Fringe Poncho. The poncho is stylish and loose-fitting to ensure optimal comfort throughout a trip. It’s also versatile enough for trips to warm or cool destinations.

For the Pickleball Player

Pickleball is a game that incorporates elements of table tennis and lawn tennis. If your mom plays pickleball, she will need clothing that will not impede her range of motion. Clothing gift ideas for your fitness-loving mom include the topspin tank top or the long sleeve mock and a nice skort or tights.

The topspin tank top is sleeveless athletic wear that will give your mom unhindered arm movement when playing pickleball. The tank top’s slimming sides will flatter your mom’s body, and the UPF50 rated jacquard material will shield your mom from harsh sun rays.

If your mom prefers pickleball on cool days, the long sleeve mock is a better option, and like the topspin tank, it offers UPF50 sun protection. Your mom can pair either top with a skort or tights.

For the Chef

Does your mom love to make magic in the kitchen? Instead of upgrading her wardrobe, update her kitchen closet. Get her new cookware, such as a new set of nonstick pots and pans. Fortunately, several options are available for different budgets.

Alternatively, get your mom that kitchen equipment she always talks about but never bought. It could be a juicer, Panini press, air fryer, or another cooking gizmo. Add emotional value to the gift by pairing it with a customized apron that carries a sweet Mother’s Day message for your mom.

For the Tennis Lover

Your tennis-loving mom should always look her best while she’s on the court. Help her feel confident and comfortable while she plays by gifting her some new tennis gear.

Various tennis clothes are available for different types of women. If your mom doesn’t like showing skin, you can get her stylish and comfortable tennis pants and short or long sleeve shirts. Tennis skirts, skorts, and shorts are available for moms who don't mind showing off their gains from staying fit.

What if mom already has enough nice tennis outfits? If so, get her some nice tennis clothing accessories like belts and visors. Alternatively, if mom prefers watching to playing the game, get her tickets to see a match at a nearby stadium.

For the Wine Drinker

A Mother’s Day gift guide is incomplete if it does not mention wine or something wine-related. While you could get your mom a bottle of her favorite wine, a more memorable gift would be a set of beautiful wine glasses. The gift can last a lifetime and trigger fond memories whenever your mom uses them.

Alternatively, book a wine tour for your mom. The best wine tours offer wine tasting and other fun activities that guarantee a memorable Mother’s Day.

Spoil Your Mom This Mother's Day with Jofit!

After reading our Mother’s Day gift guide, you are probably leaning towards buying your mom some new clothes. If so, don’t throw her old ones in the trash. Instead, clean the clothes you want to replace and donate them to goodwill or another charitable organization. Alternatively, sell the old clothes and use the funds to sponsor a beautiful Mother’s Day dinner date. 

Don't know where to buy new clothes for mom? Visit Jofit today to browse our beautiful selection of workout and athleisure clothing that will thrill your mom.