Pickleball Basics

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports to date in the US! It combines the popular elements of Badminton, Table Tennis and Tennis. It's popularity is rapidly growing, and so is the need for some cute attire. Jofit has you covered :)

How To Play Pickleball

This ball-and-paddle sport is played on a Badminton sized court with similar rules as Tennis. Like Tennis, it can be played in games of singles and doubles. Scoring is also similar, where the serving side earns a point whenever the other side fails to return a shot. However, there are some differences that make Pickleball unique!

Equipment for Pickleball includes wood or composite paddles and a plastic, perforated ball, like a whiffle ball! Attire worn is much like the game of Tennis. It is a cheaper sport to get into, too!

According to the USA Pickleball Association, Pickleball is a fun game that is easy for beginners to learn, but also provides challenging competition for experienced players.

Trying to level up your game? Read our quick 5 tips to help you excel in Pickleball.

What are the Rules of Pickleball?

Below is a basic summary of the rules of pickleball:

  • serving must be underhanded and diagonal to the opponent's service court without bouncing it off the court
  • points are scored by the serving side only and occur when the opponent faults
  • the server continues to serve, alternating service courts, until the service side faults
  • following the serve, each side must make at least one ground-stroke prior to volleying the ball 
  • "The Kitchen" aka Non-Volley Zone - a player cannot volley a ball while standing within the non-valley zone
  • the first side scoring 11 points and leading by at least 2 points, wins

Click Here for a full version of the rules by the USA Pickleball Association.

Pickleball vs Tennis

What are the differences?

Size of the Court

Pickleball is played on the same sized court as Badminton, which is significantly smaller than a Tennis court. The dimensions of a Pickleball court are only 20’ x 44’ where a Tennis court is 27’ x 78’! Some players say that a Pickleball court looks miniature compared to a Tennis court, but you will be surprised at the similarities of the game once you start playing!

The net is significantly smaller as well.

Style of Balls and Paddles vs Racquets

The style of balls between Pickleball and Tennis are significantly different. Pickleballs are very similar to whiffle balls, made from a hard and delicate plastic, and covered with holes. The Pickleball is a shell, with no core inside. Because of these features, Pickleballs do not bounce very high.

Tennis balls are much like bouncy balls, bouncing high with a core made of hollow rubber.

Pickleball paddles and Tennis racquets are also significantly different. They differ in size, shape, material, and sound. Along with the obvious differences, the performance differences are significant as well. The way to swing a paddle is completely different than to swing a racquet!

“The Kitchen”

Although Pickleball has rules similar to Tennis, it also has features that make it very unique, such as the term "The Kitchen". This terms refers to the non-volley zone. A volley is when a ball is struck out of the air without the ball having bounced yet. You are not allowed to volley in "The Kitchen". Whereas in Tennis, you can stand at the net and volley balls. The main reason for this is the difference in size of the courts! The Pickleball court is simply too small to volley. 

Pickleball Outfits

Since Pickleball includes many of the same features as Tennis, Jofit’ s Tennis collection is the perfect attire for the sport! From strappy tanks to full coverage tees, and short skorts or long, Jofit has a variety of options for all women!

Printed Panel Tank and Knife Pleat Skort Short

This full-coverage scoop tank is flattering and comfortable. The armholes were designed to provide the perfect amount of coverage. No gapping! The pop of print adds interest as you zoom around the court! The Printed Panel Tank is perfect for all body types.

Paired with a core White or Midnight Knife Pleat Skort Short with undershorts, this outfit is the perfect traditional Tennis or Pickleball outfit! It allows you to only focus on your game while still maintaining your style.

Strappy Tennis Tank and Optical Delusion Tights + UV Top

Step onto the court in style in the Strappy Tennis Tank! This tank is strappy-but supportive with a built-in shelf bra. The flattering ruched side panel createsubtle drapes across the body. It also includes a scooped hem for extra coverage in the front and back, to keep you comfortable during a serve.

The Optical Delusion Tights are another perfect versatile bottom for the court, making you look and feel your best with a compression waistband, and can even keep you warm on a cooler day.

These tights include front and back patch pockets that fit your Pickleball or iPhone, and have an amazing compression fit that will make you feel able to jump for any ball or serve!

V-Neck Raglan Tee and Dash Skort Short

This V-neck short-sleeved tee is perfect for keeping you stylish on the court. The short sleeves give great coverage and UV protection from the sun. The scooped hem provides some extra length, keeping you covered during a monster serve! Pair this V-Neck Raglan Tee perfectly with a Dash Skort Short with undershorts, making it possible to jump up and down or run back and forth as much as needed! Comfort and style go hand in hand with this look!

Try Pickleball with a cute Jofit outfit!

With Pickleball rapidly taking hold as a popular sport, these outfits will be in high demand!

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