Playing Tennis In Winter

Tennis is just for the summer? Says no one! Tennis is perfect for all seasons, and can help keep you fit year round. With so many options for activity in your day, there’s always room to get in a quick set, whether that’s on the public court, in your backyard, or somewhere indoors, we have some quick tips to keep your game sharp and consistent throughout the cooler months.

Is Tennis in winter different to playing the rest of the year?

In short, no! Winter tennis, unless you live in those extreme cooler climates - shout out to our Canadian and northern US baddies - tennis in the cold is just as fun, and just as effective in burning those calories. Here are some things to be careful of when playing in the winter:

  • Quick or reactive movements and what that can do to your knees
  • Getting warm enough to start playing - we don’t want any injuries, now!
  • Hydration! You may not feel like you need to be drinking as much water in the winter time, but you’re still likely burning the same amount of calories as in the summertime.

What do you need to be prepared for winter tennis?

Warm up 

Que your favorite song and get warmed up! During the winter, cold temperatures slow down how fast your muscles loosen up. Make warm-ups a staple in your routine to prevent annoying pulled muscles. 

Warm-ups to try during the winter.


Doing this exercise before you play is a great staple warmup. Spend a few minutes mimicking the movements you usually perform in a tennis game. Perform this exercise to prepare your body and mind for any game. 

Butt kicks

This exercise will get your heart rate going and protect you from a leg injury. You can choose to do 2 to 3 sets, performing kicks in intervals of 30 seconds.

Jumping jacks 

Try this exercise for a full-body stretch. You can start by doing sets of 10-15 jumps or 25-30 for a more intense warmup. Doing this will help build endurance and your range of motion.

Dress the part 

It's time to retire your tennis shorts. As cute as your warm weather tennis attire is, it's not worth the risk to your body. Are you wondering what to wear for tennis in cold weather? Protect yourself by layering, wearing gloves, and adding a warm winter cap. 

Of course we have some examples!

UV Crew with Zipper

Black long sleeve crew

This fashionable long sleeve crew is great for any outdoor activity. The lightweight jersey fabric is breathable and cool to the touch. Bundle up with this cute style!

Skirted Capri Tights

Black skirted tights, leggings, and skirt combination

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Pull On Capri

Black capri pants

Our pull-on capri pants are the perfect mixture of fashion and function. Made with lightweight stretch fabric, enjoy the freedom of flexibility and breathability.

Lightweight Jacket 

White jacket with oversized collar

This stylish jacket is easy to throw in your golf bag or suitcase. Enjoy a sophisticated look with silky soft mélange jersey fabric. A perfect quick-dry jacket for the court!

Duo Jacket

Black Jacket

Experience water and wind-resistant protection from our newest Duo jacket! With 4-way stretch fabric, restrictive movement is a thing of the past.

Vitality Jacket 

Black Jacket

Upgrade your game with a 4-way stretch fabric that moves with your body. This jacket is great for your game and styling. A great layering addition for your closet!

Stay hydrated 

As temperatures drop, don't let your water consumption do the same! Even if you do not feel the same thirst levels, consistent water intake maintains your core temperature. Before you play, make sure to drink ample amounts of water and bring some for the court. 

Switch to softer strings 

Don't forget about your racket! Cold weather doesn't only affect your body but your equipment as well. During the winter, give your racket a makeover with softer strings. Switching strings is essential to avoid stiffing and breakage.  

How cold is too cold? The minimum temperature for tennis during winter is 40 degrees. Temperatures under 40 degrees diminish the effectiveness of your equipment. If you hate weak bouncing tennis balls and broken strings, check the weather before you play! 

Wear sunglasses and gloves

The glare of the sun can be brutal. Compared to the spring and summer, during the winter, the sun hangs lower in the sky. This change causes more glare and can impact your game. When picking sunglasses, ensure that they fit your face well and do not slip off. They should be comfortable on your face and not bring discomfort to your ears or nose. 

Protect your fingers with cozy gloves! When picking gloves, ensure that they have grip. Without a good grip, you can find it harder to play with gloves on chilly days. 

Playing Tennis in Winter Requires High Quality Apparel

Spend your winter playing tennis with simple adjustments to your routine. The arrival of increased winds and colder temperatures can make going outside challenging. Make the switch to protective clothing and show off your tennis skills all year long. Don't stop your preparations there!

There are many things to consider when playing in the winter. Set yourself up for more fun and fewer injuries with extra warm-ups and hydration. Lower temperatures can break your strings; upgrade to softer ones and stay at the top of your game. Playing tennis doesn't have to stop in the winter; get prepared now!