Thanksgiving Golf - The Secret To A Great Holiday Game

Thanksgiving is often reserved for stuffing our stomachs and spending time with family. And even though you love your family, we all know it's necessary to slip away for some alone time. Whether your favorite de-stressing spot is in the bathroom or hiding outside. Why not plan part of your day appreciating a game of golf. After all, there are many things to be thankful for, and an emptier golf course is definitely one!

Can you play golf on Thanksgiving?

Does leaving for a game of Thanksgiving golf seem taboo? We are here to assure you that it's not! While you might get some pushback, there are many reasons to get out on the course this year. If you are looking for a relaxing exercise or a chance to play golf in bearable weather, we'll see you at the 18th hole!

Who doesn't love a delicious Thanksgiving feast? Not us! And we are no stranger to going back for seconds or even sneaking thirds on turkey day. That's not to say that the feeling after a tasty feast isn't uncomfortable and can leave you ready for bed. Planning time for golf not only burns calories but is a great way to relax during your celebration. 

Besides being a great exercise, Thanksgiving golf might be your last chance to show off on the course. There is no doubt that golfing in cold weather is not very enjoyable. There are many other things we would prefer to do than shivering in the cold. Enjoy the weather while you can and fit in a festive game.

Planning your holiday game

The secret to a great Thanksgiving game is planning for it. Unlike planning a big feast, getting ready for a holiday on the course doesn't have to be stressful. Here is what to consider when preparing for Thanksgiving golf.

Who to bring

If you are looking for an escape from family, bringing them to the golf course might not be the best plan. A solo game or one with friends can help you relax on your day off. But if you wish to enjoy a less competitive game, inviting your family to join you is a great activity for bonding. 

Where to play

Your favorite brunch spot might be closed for Thanksgiving but your golf course might not be! Part of planning is knowing your options. Without knowledge of your golf course's schedule, you can miss out on booking a great tee time.

When to hit the course 

Who you bring and where you play are just as important as when you plan to hit the course. There are benefits to selecting different times of day to golf. If you are looking to go out in the morning, you can enjoy a relaxing, quieter game. Choosing to go later in the day might be a better choice if you want to work off your Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving golf versus everyday golf

Thanksgiving golf and everyday golf are similar when it comes to golf etiquette. Regardless of where and who you play with, you should know what standards are in place before you hit the course. And if you plan to enjoy a glass of wine or something a little stronger, don't forget these golfing rules!

Safety first!

Safety is a top priority for having a great holiday game. Each course might have varying rules when it comes to keeping yourself and others safe. These are universal rules that every golfer should know.

  1. Call "FORE"

If your golf ball is traveling towards someone, yelling "FORE" alerts any player around that they should watch out for a ball. The best thing to do when you hear "FORE" is to duck and find cover! If that is not possible, use your hands to protect your head.

  1. Watch that swing

Before you swing, you should always make sure that the only thing you will hit is a golf ball. Other players might be walking around and could get in your swinging range. To avoid a painful accident, check before you swing!

  1. Golf cart safety

Just as driving a real car, following safety measures for your cart is vital. Driving a golf cart is fun! And it can be tempting to let younger kids have a turn. But for their safety and everyone on the course, save the fun until they have their license! As well if you plan to enjoy a drink, make sure to have a sober designated driver.

Know your time

Enjoying a game on the course means showing up on time. If your golf course is strict, arriving late can make you lose your tee time. Avoid the drama and show up early! When you do make it on the course, don't move like a snail. If you see other groups are playing ahead of you, we promise it is not creepy to keep up with them. In fact, you should!

Keep calm

It is easy to lose your cool after having a little to drink. But, no matter how you show up to the course, remaining calm is always a good move. Has anyone ever made you want to scream during golf? It is natural to get upset while golfing, yet it is not worth ruining your tee time.

If you find yourself getting angry, take a moment to cool off. The last thing anyone wants is a thrown club or ball, even if you might want to. Thanksgiving golf should be relaxing, don't let an unnecessary squabble stop your fun!

Dressing for Thanksgiving golf

Don't get fooled by a liquid blanket. You should take just as much caution when dressing for Thanksgiving golf!

The key to dressing during this time of year is layering! Instead of one bulky winter coat, add a breathable jacket and fitted long sleeve to your outfit. When picking a golf outfit, your goal should be to remain warm throughout your game. The fastest way to a bad game is focusing on the cold and not your shot.

Don't forget about the rest of your body! Your best golf accessories will be a cozy hat and some stylish golf gloves. Bundling up doesn't have to mean giving up your style.

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Jackets for golf in winter

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We can confirm that there are many reasons why you should play Thanksgiving golf. Golfing is great for exercising, not to mention it can help with the stress of the holidays! To have a fun game, plan for where and when you wish to play. As well your game is not complete without a cozy outfit. So let loose and make Thanksgiving golf a new holiday tradition!