The Best Activewear Tops for This Year

2022 is in FULL SWING! Which means getting rid of the old clothing that has lived in the back of your closet. Rather than keeping apparel that collects dust, invest in activewear that you will love to wear, and your body will love to move in. If you haven't worn activewear before, let us help you get a better idea of what it is and share the best activewear tops for you!


What is activewear?

What to look for in your activewear

Choosing your activewear material

The best activewear tops for your closet


What is Activewear?

Over the last couple of years, activewear has become a huge trend! However, what exactly is it? And why should you wear it? Activewear is clothing meant to support and enhance your athletic performance. It is designed to provide you with comfort and style while you visit the gym or go for your morning or afternoon run. 

Wearing activewear doesn't stop at the gym; you can wear it for running errands or going to lunch with your girls. Activewear is a wardrobe essential for any woman looking to add versatile pieces to their style.  When you want to feel and look great, activewear is a great choice that will prepare you for anything.

What To Look for in Your Activewear

When was the last time you bought activewear? If you're anything like us, you probably buy multiple tops every year. Odds are it's because you love to stay up to date with the latest styles, but it could also mean buying more because of lack of durability. Whatever your reason, let us fill you in on what to look for in your activewear tops!

Moisture management and breathability

Sweating is natural, which means that your clothes should be prepared no matter how active you get. Clothes with moisture management are great for quickly evaporating your sweat and keeping you cool. Wet and heavy apparel can be irritating! When buying activewear moisture-absorbance and breathability should be your main focus.


Activewear tops are versatile pieces that are for a variety of environments and occasions. Such occasions include your hot yoga class, going to the store, or even a relaxing hike. When picking the right top for you, keeping these activities in mind is important for ensuring you find the best comfort. Why does it matter? Depending on why you wear your activewear, the fit you need will vary.

For your workouts, activewear tops should allow you to move freely without needing to make frequent adjustments. After all, nothing stops you from giving it your all at the gym. The same goes for the other activities in your life that you will want to wear activewear for!


While you might pick activewear based on its style, you will also want to consider its functionality. Questions you will want to ask include “Will this activewear be useful for my activities?” and “Will this apparel support my movements?” to start. The best rule of thumb is if it does not provide you with useful support, it’s not the right top for you! Testing out your range of motion in activewear tops is the best way of determining if it will keep up with your lifestyle.


Now that we have considered the fit and functionality of your next activewear top, let's not forget about the style. As we mentioned before you can wear activewear tops for exercising and everyday wear. With this in mind, you might want to consider how versatile a top is before you buy it. Why does versatility matter? It allows you to get the most out of your outfits and will keep you comfortable in whatever your day might hold!

Choosing Your Activewear Material

Picking which fabric is best for your activewear can be difficult. You don't want to risk getting a top that might be too stiff or scratchy. Knowing the functions of various fabrics will help you understand the texture of the clothing and overall comfort.

While active, your clothes will either support you or be your worst enemy! If you are very active, highly breathable fabrics should be at the top of your list. No matter the cut or style, Jofit has performance-focused tops, providing moisture management and wicking properties to motivate you to keep moving. Let's get into the different fabrics out there and what to look for when you shop.


Polyester is your best friend! It is incredibly durable, moisture-wicking, breathable, and much more that works to keep you dry. It’s the perfect fabric for many types of exercises and weather conditions. If you want insulated clothing, polyester is a great choice.

Polyester Pro Tip: Wash your polyester activewear after working out to avoid any bacteria and fungi growth.


Get your body moving with spandex! If you need a high range of motion during your yoga class or activities that require flexibility in your movement, try out this fabric! Spandex allows your body to do what it does best, move!

Spandex Pro Tip: Spandex can stretch bigger than its natural state; to maintain your spandex, wash your apparel on cold and avoid the machine dryer.


Modal fabric is a form of rayon but differs as modal is slightly more flexible and softer. The fabric is more sustainable than cotton, making it an ethical long-lasting fabric that you and your wallet will love. If you want a fabric that is incredibly soft, you've found your ideal activewear material!

Modal Pro Tip: When washing the modal fabric, use cold water and dry on low and medium-high to help prevent any shrinking.


The absorbency in rayon fabric makes it a great addition to the comfort of your apparel. Rayon is popular in activewear as it is breathable and more moisture-absorbent than cotton. With a silk-like feel, this fabric will feel great when exercising.

Rayon Pro Tip: When washing rayon fabric, use cold water and avoid machine drying. It’s essential that you are cautious when using heat on this material!

The Best Activewear Tops for Your Closet

When it comes to women’s activewear, you deserve only the best in comfort and style! We keep your lifestyle in mind when creating high-quality apparel at Jofit! Explore our variety of cuts and styles made to support you in all your activities.

The best activewear tops for your body and closet live here!

Mandarin Collar Shirt

This snap front top is anything but basic! The forest night color is deep and rich, so beautiful for the Fall season. The dolman silhouette is comfortable and flattering. These side slits allow for lots of versatility, tie the front for a fun twist! Tunic length to pair with a stylish pair of tights.

Tiki Tee

Get your tiki party on in our new short -sleeve tee! The V neckline and center seam are designed to flatter your form. The length is made to give you great coverage and the scooped hemline adds a little extra flair. The ultra-smooth and soft hand feel give you great wear throughout the day. This tee can be paired with any of our tights, bottoms, or your favorite jeans.

Expedition Tank

Our Expedition Tank is so good, we had to bring it back! The high neckline gives great coverage and armholes are designed to be both comfortable and concealing. The shaped hem allows for versatile wearing, tuck it in or wear it out. Back darts flatter the waistline and the flowy hem gives you the freedom to move. So, go ahead and explore in our Expedition Tank!

V-Neck Tee

Our v neck tee is both comfy and cute! The cap sleeves are designed to be flattering without cutting into the arm. The v neckline is cut at the right spot to give coverage and work with any necklace. Our curved back darts give this tee a feminine silhouette. Wear this top on the beach, while running errands, or during any of your favorite activities. Pair with shorts or pants to complete your look.

Keyhole Sleeveless Top

Our keyhole sleeveless top is the perfect essential style to add to your closet. We designed this top to truly fit and flatter. The armholes are made to provide plenty of coverage. The keyhole neckline is feminine and soft. Made from our super luxe rayon spandex stretch fabric, this top has ultra-comfort written all over. This top will seamlessly transition from day to night!

Whether you are headed to a match or celebrating over drinks with your girlfriends, activewear tops are a great option to build your fabulous look! When looking for the best activewear tops, remember to consider your activity and what fabrics will be useful in performing them. Gift yourself unmatched comfort and fantastically fitting shirts in a variety of designs!