The Best Clothes for Traveling and Commuting

We here at Jofit know how to do golf and tennis clothing, and you love to show us how you’re crushing the look on and off the course. 

But our second favorite way to wear Jofit apparel is to wear it traveling - YES! You heard us right, our comfortable, easy to wear collections look great off the course as well, and are so soft, you’ll wear them everywhere, even a plane, train, or car!

What we'll cover:

  1. What to look for in clothes for travel
  2. General travel clothing options
  3. Best t-shirts for travel
  4. Best jackets for travel

What to look for

Travel clothing can be hard to buy - especially if you’re not trying it on before buying! There are certain elements you can look for in a product’s description that can help you seek out the best clothing for your extended comfort while jet-setting (or on the way to your kid’s soccer match)


First and foremost, you’re looking for comfort and stretch in your travel clothing - I mean, there’s a reason sweatpants and leggings are the new airport fashion! Uncomfortable clothing while traveling can lead to minor inconveniences like sore muscles, or can lead to larger issues like low circulation, which can be a bad thing on a plane!

Wrinkle free

This is a big one! Especially if you’re going to be packing clothes for extended stays. Wrinkle free clothing is usually made from high weave density fabric - so fabrics like oxfords, jacquards, and broadcloths are less likely to wrinkle because they have a complex weave. Synthetic fabrics are also more wrinkle resistant than cottons or linens because of their inherent resilience. These are fabrics like nylon and spandex. Fabric that is not inherently wrinkle free can be treated to be wrinkle resistant with compounds like formaldehyde and urea. This is less common in more expensive clothing.


We don’t know about you, but when we’re in the car for a long time, or on a long haul flight without our fave Jofit apparel, we sweat. A lot. You want travel clothing to be breathable and accessible without sacrificing comfort. The last thing you want to feel when you arrive at your #hotgirlsummer vacation is to feel sticky and sweaty and gross. 

Easy care

Ease of care is a big factor in deciding which clothes make it on the vacation short list. The hardest part of any vacation is the washing afterwards. We’re certain that you want to keep the unwind going as long as possible, so dealing with clothing that needs to be hand-washed is not ideal. Easy care items also help you on-the-go - if you’re anything like us, we love our Tide to-go sticks, so we know how important it is to keep easy to clean items around while traveling.


Another thing to look for when buying clothes for travel is if they’re quick dry or moisture wicking fabrics. Quick dry and moisture wicking fabrics keep you cool while on the go, and can be worn day after day, even if you need to do a load of laundry in between! This means less clothes for longer, more room for souvenirs!

General Travel Clothes

Travel is so broad, so we’re giving you the list of basic travel clothes you’ll need to keep you feeling and looking your best, no matter what kind of traveling you’re doing!

Travel Pants and Leggings

Pants for travel are the first thing you should be thinking about - there’s nothing better than feeling like you’re walking on air, without tight waistbands or rigid inseams. Our favorite travel pants are:

Bermuda Golf Shorts

Our two favorite words - Sized Generously. These 7.5 inch inseam shorts are the perfect length for summer travel, made with a polyester / spandex blend that moves with you. The machine washable and quick dry fabric is perfect for long stays. Keep those passports, travel itineraries, hotel keys, and more in those deep front pockets - these really are an all around winner.

Uplifting Tights - Forest Green 

Did someone say multiple side pockets?! Our best tights yet. The Uplifting Side Pocket Tights are a blend of Nylon and Spandex, making them super lightweight and super stretchy. The wide waistband stays in place and keeps you in place no matter what activity you’re up to. And we mentioned the pockets, right?? The back pockets not only help you store whatever you want, but give your booty the lift it deserves. Paired with the side pockets for secure storage, who needs a backpack?! The forest green color is versatile for any adventure, and can pair with most tops.

High Rise Slimmer Cropped Pants

You heard us right, high waist, 4 way stretch fabric, pocket-having cropped pants! These pull-on high-rise pants have front and back pockets that keep your belongings secure. There’s nothing better than high stretch, low wrinkle fabric that moves with your body and smooths your silhouette! Machine wash too? We’re in love.

Best T-Shirts for Travel

A good tee can make or break your travel. You want something that keeps you cool, but can be layered for extra comfort and warmth.

Mandarin Collar Shirt

This one’s for all my ladies who like to get off the plane and straight into an activity! The snap front and flattering silhouette is comfortable and can be dressed up or down. The side slits help keep this piece versatile. Pair it with your favorite tights for an extra active look, or add a cute pair of jeans to dress it up! This lightweight travel shirt is machine washable, and made from synthetic fabrics, that means no wrinkles! You’ll love this easy collared shirt for travel.

Tie Back Tunic

Talk about versatile! This tank top works tied up or untied! From the plane to the golf course, this v-neck is great at keeping your look 💯. With cap sleeves and split panels for an easy tie back look, there’s nothing better than feeling cool on a hot day. The smooth, silky feel coupled with the Nylon/Spandex blend means this shirt won’t wrinkle, even when you machine wash her!

Fierce Tank

Our anything-but-basic tank top is designed to keep you cool and dry - with moisture wicking qualities, the silky jersey fabric is perfect for any kind of travel. Layer is up or down with a Jofit active jacket, or keep it simple with a pair of tights. The soft fabric and silhouette makes this perfect for versatile wear.

Best Jackets for Travel

Fringe Poncho

Buttery soft fabric and an oh-so-trendy shape, the Jo fringe poncho will be your wear-it-everywhere piece in your wardrobe. Designed with relaxed pockets and a smooth neckline, these ponchos make a great, easy addition to your travel suitcase. 

Travel Anorak Jacket

Ready for adventure? This jacket is lightweight and packable with LOTS of pockets, what more could you ask for? Machine washable, and stretch woven, this jacket won’t crumple in your bag and is perfect for keeping wherever you are warm and cozy.

Epic Bomber Jacket

A fan favorite! This Epic Bomber is a great, stylish addition to your travel bag and is awesome for active lifestyles! With extra stretch, it’s great for long periods of travel - whether that’s sitting on a plane for 16 hours, or bar hopping next Saturday. The smooth Nylon/Spandex blended knit means no wrinkles! The ultra breathable fabric makes this the perfect jacket for the gym and any active body.

The Best Clothes for Traveling - All Right Here At Jofit

No matter where you’re going, what you’re doing, or who you’re seeing, you want to keep comfortable every day of the year. Shop our travel clothes now!