The Best Golf Pants for Summer

We believe that all women who love golfing should feel fierce and comfortable. You do not have to compromise with us on and off the golf course. Summer is the perfect season to golf outside and spend quality time with some friends, family and co-workers. Jofit wants to help you find the best golf pants for you this summer while feeling fierce!

What To Look For In Summer Golf Pants


Buying the right fit is important so you feel good in what you’re wearing and can show off your style. When looking for pants for golf, be sure to look for a more stretch-friendly fit. Having some spandex component to your golf pants is important to ensure your swing is not hindered - because we all know half of the golf swing is in the legs! We carry three types of fits: athletic, slim and regular fit with a variety of inseam lengths. Our slim fit has a narrow leg width as well as tapered legs and narrowed cuffs. The regular fit has a straight fit without tapered cuffs. An athletic fit allows for more movement and has a tailored look to the pants.


With golf pants, it’s important to have some room to move, but not enough room for your pants to fall down. Our golf pants have a contoured waistband which is great to help achieve a smoother and slim look for your pant’s mid-section. We have a scoop hem that adds a flirty look and provides some extra coverage. Finally we have rear pockets which we love on our bottoms that give your booty a pop.


Weight is important in golf pants. It doesn’t matter if your golf match is going to be somewhere warm, you’ll be standing in the sunshine all day, meaning your pants should feel cool, breathable, and protect you from the sun. We have a variety of fabrics in our golf pants to ensure a comfortable fit that include blends of polyester, elastane and spandex. Polyester is great to use for sportswear like golfing and make the fabric feel lightweight. Elastane stretches the fabric that moves with you instead of against you. Spandex is also lightweight and helps create more movement in your pants. These blends are super soft, feel great and keep you cool while playing.


The last thing you want to do is have a pair of golf pants that take forever to wash and dry. Each of our pants have different care so make sure to look at the description, but most are machine washable, meaning easy care every time.


Whether you’re protecting yourself from the sun or water (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone you’re fishing your ball out from the water hazard!), you’ll want something that keeps you dry and protected from the heat.

Many of our golf pants have water resistant technology. We created golf pants that keep you dry and feel light throughout the day. The design of the fabric transfers sweat and moisture to the first layer of the fabric. Water does not penetrate the skin and stays locked in the fabric when you are playing. Several pairs of our pants are also rated UPR 50+. The golf pants have UV protection that blocks 98% of the sun rays from penetrating the fabric. The protection allows the golf pants to stay dry throughout the day and protects you from harmful UV rays when you are playing outdoors.

Our Favorite Summer Golf Pants

Uplifting Tights - Snakeskin Print

These snakeskin print pants are perfect if you are looking for a different trendy pant to add to your golf pant collection. They are a great statement piece and are easy to match with different tops in your collection. The fabric is smooth, comes with back pockets, has a contoured waistband and has side panels to add a slim look to your pants. It is a fan favorite in our collection! 

Optical Delusion Tights

Our Optical Delusion Tights are a staple for tights to add to your collection. They are a versatile pair that match with everything and make you feel like you! The wide contoured waistband technology allows for a smooth and slimming look. They come with front and back pockets where you can add your essentials - phone, scorecard, you name it!. The fabric in these tights is a little thicker and has moisture wicking breathable fabric that is great to wear outdoors. You can wear this on and off the golf course, or with the girls to catch up.

Uplifting Tights - Forest Green

If you are looking for a little color in your wardrobe and pants rotation, these uplifting tights are perfect for you. They have an athletic fit and are easy to match with different tops you already own. These pants are another fan favorite that have side and back pockets. Forest Green Uplifting tights help dress up your activewear while adding some earthly tones. They have an internal elastic waistband that provides a countered look, slimming side panel and ultra smooth fabric that makes these pants irresistible. 

Pull On Capri

Our Pull on Capri has the perfect blend of function and fashion that makes this a must to purchase! The pants have a 4 way fabric that allows them to stretch, move, be lightweight and breathe wherever you go. They are mid-rise pants with front and back pockets to add what you need. There is an elastic waistband on these capris that prevent them from rolling down when you move.

Joanne Slimmer Pant

Our Joanne Slimmer pant uses a stretchy fabric so you can move freely and stay comfortable at the same time. These women’s long pants have a high rise fit that won’t roll down. There are back and front inseam pockets with a midweight fabric that stretches with your body.. The waistband has panels that provide a slimmer look, and create an amazing silhouette.

When you’re golfing it is important you’re wearing reliable and comfortable pants when you’re on the course. Focus on enjoying the game rather than fixing your pants with any one of our Jofit golf pants. Check out the golf pants collection to find the right fit for you!

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