The Best Shoes for Tennis

Happy US Open Week!

Tennis is arguably one of the world’s most explosive sports, with split second timing and active reflexes, players of all ages and levels run that tennis court up and down. With all that in mind, tennis shoes are essential to elevate your game and build your confidence on the court.

What makes good tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes are a huge part of your game, but you don’t have to look high and low for good shoes. There are three main components to tennis shoes that will work for any court.

Shoes for the right court

Thinking about the type of court you’ll be playing on is helpful to understand how much bounce and force these shoes will need to take. Clay courts are much harder, and therefore, your shoes need more of a bounce, a little more softness to keep your knees feeling well and good. Look for shoes with extra padding, a comfortable sole, and a stable ankle. Grass courts are softer than most, and require shoes that have stable soles. You should feel low in the shoes and it should feel snug, but not tight.

Stability and balance with a sturdy base and a durable sole

Stability is one of the biggest things to get right. Look for shoes with built-in stabilizers and a large, sturdy base. To keep your shoes durable for a while, look for a durable sole, with a sturdy base. The base should be thick, but not wide to keep agile.

Our favorite tennis shoes for clay courts

Red clay courts are some of the softest courts, so looking for shoes with stability and traction is essential.


AllBirds tennis shoes are perfect for clay courts. The soft design and tight knit top help bring the whole shoe together to provide support and stability. See some of their best womens tennis shoes:

Tree Dashers

Women's Tree Dashers - Heathered Black (Peach Zest Sole)

Tree Runners

Women's Tree Runners - Blue Ridge (White Sole)


From Federer to Serena, Asics is a popular choice for all your favorite tennis pros. And no wonder! With shoes for every court style, Asics’ clay court shoes are specially designed to keep you on your feet and moving. They keep your feet locked-in when you're switching directions and chasing down challenging shots.

Gel-Challenger 12

Zoom image of Alternative image view of GEL-Challenger 12

Gel-Dedicate 7

Zoom image of Alternative image view of GEL-DEDICATE 7

Our favorite golf shoes for grass courts

Grass courts, or “traditional courts”, are very rare, and most players will never play on one in their career. The most famous grass court is Wimbledon, and you know we’re obsessed with it! Grass was the first surface tennis was played on. These courts are rare because they’re hard to upkeep and take a lot of maintenance. Grass courts cause low bounce, which means you need to have soft, bent knees which can cause an ache or pain here and there. Look for shoes with some cushion and a stable base.


Nike shoes are great for grass courts. In fact, they’re a favorite of one Serena Williams, especially at Wimbledon! 

Serena Williams Wins First Match at Wimbledon in All-White Nike Dress –  Footwear News

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Here are some of the best Nike shoes for grass courts:

NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo

NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo Women's Hard Court Tennis Shoes

NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo Naomi Osaka

NikeCourt Air Zoom GP Turbo Naomi Osaka Women's Hard Court Tennis Shoes


Adidas tennis shoes have a long standing legacy in the tennis realm. From tennis pros like Stefanos Tsitsipas, Garbiñe Muguruza and Elena Rybakina to your elementary school almost-pros, Adidas is a family favorite. Check out some of Adidas’ best sellers below:

Courtjam Bounce Shoes

Defiant Generation Multicourt Tennis Shoes

Our favorite golf shoes for hard courts

Hard courts are… well, hard! As the name suggests, hard courts are made from hard, uniform materials that have a uniform acrylic surface. This is one of the most common court surfaces and they have great bounch, awesome stability, and provide a speedy game.


K-Swiss was the first all-leather tennis shoe. Made in America, K-Swiss are perfect for tennis and are great for hard courts. Here are some of K-Swiss’ best sellers:

Womens Ultrashot 3 White/Liberty/Fluo Pink

Footwear, Shoe, Walking shoe, Sneakers, Sportswear, Grey, Font, Outdoor shoe, Magenta, Electric blue

Womens Ultrashot 3 Orchid Ice/Blanc De Blanc/Black


French brand Babolat is a leader in womens tennis shoes and promote experts from Nadal and Jennifer Brady to those that are just starting out. Check out Babolat’s best sellers:

Jet Mach 3 All Court Women

SFX3 All Court Women

SFX3 All Court Women