The Best Tennis Skorts for Summer

Tennis skorts are HOT this summer - pun intended. With so many tennis courts opening up this summer for the first time in a year, there’s no better time to invest in a cute tennis outfit. Summer is just around the corner so you’ll want to find tennis skirts or skorts that will keep you cool and dry, as well as keep you moving without restriction. 

What To Look For In Summer Tennis Bottoms

There are some key things to look for when choosing clothes for your summer tennis match. Yes, the first is fashion and looking amazing on the court, obviously! The others are fit, coverage and fabric:


We pride ourselves on the fit and comfort of our clothing! For summer tennis outfits, you want to look out for clothing items that move with you, but don’t pinch or chafe, especially in the underarm and crotch area. Find items that are a little looser to maximize your volley! Each garment at Jofit is meticulously engineered for the perfect fit, so that you are comfortable and swing with ease.


There are so many different types of fabrics for active and tennis wear, but there are two things you need to be looking for when choosing your fabric for summer - Moisture wicking and UV Protective! Moisture wicking fabrics keep your body dry when it starts to sweat and promotes evaporative cooling! Evaporative cooling is a process that naturally keeps our body temperature within a comfortable range during physical activity that causes you to overheat. Moisture-wicking fabrics are important all year round as they help regulate your body temperature and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer! UV Protection in fabrics is all about that UPF Rating - all of Jofit’s clothing has a UPF 50 rating, similar to an SPF rating with sunscreen, meaning our shirts are amazing for that summer sun!


Even with that UPF 50 rating, we still LOVE an outfit with coverage! Whether that’s at the hemline so your shirt or skirt doesn’t ride up, or with special sleeve treatments. Take care to look for high coverage garments for summer to avoid sun-burns. You can test out your outfits in the fitting room by jumping, twisting and practicing your serve! If you peek any skin at the bottom of your shirt, or your skirt slips or rides up, go up a size.

Our Favorite Skirts, Skorts, and Shorts for this Summer

Long Mina Skort

You know you love her, so we brought her back in our newest collection! Our FAVORITE skort is back with a vengeance! The long Mina Skort is perfect for any occasion - but especially to and from tennis court and to and from post tennis match drinks. This new flower print is part of our new Rojito collection and is perfect for your new summer tennis dreams. The simple A-Line shape flatters all bodies, and the micro-mesh shorts are great at keeping your covered and cool. And if you’re feeling something a little shorter, she has a sister!

Our Signature Skort

Our signature skort is baaaaaaack! Perfect for any occasion, especially tennis matches (or re-matches!)The shortest in our collection, the woven fabric is perfect for showing off a little leg or for extra coverage for petite players. This cute pattern is also from our new Rojito collection and is a huge hit! Did we mention the slim pockets?! Perfect for keeping your phone or extra balls. And you know this skort has a mesh component for easy breezy play without accidental slips.

Short Knife Pleat Skort 

Sharp as always, this knife pleat skort is fluorescent pink to align with our new Rojito collection. The contoured shape and waistband makes this skort perfect on every body type. Pleats are in fashion this season, so get on this trend with this skort and it’s moisture wicking properties!

Short Pearl Skort

You know you’ll have an extra spring in your step when you step into our Pearl Skort this summer! It’s elastic waistband, built in undershorts, and slimming panels means this skort is perfect for every shape in the warm weather. Moisture wicking and lightweight jersey, the Pearl skort is sure to keep you cool while keeping you protected from UV rays.

Short Layered Pleat Skort

You’ll run, jump, and swing hard in this layered pleat skort! With double layered pleats, this fun skort is perfect for your first step onto the court this summer! Twist without fear, because the built in undershorts give you amazing coverage AND add to the skort’s breathability. You’re going to love this skort, we know it!

Find your next skirt or skort for summer this tennis season with Jofit! With so many options, you’ll just have to check out our tennis skirt, skort, and short collection!