"What's in my tennis bag?" - Essentials for the New Year

With some tennis courts open year round, we're excited to start packing our tennis bags again! Tennis is also a great way to get started with your new years resolution to get active!

According to Healthline - "Tennis is a high intensity activity. A 154-pound (69.9-kg) person can burn 220–295 calories for each 30 minutes of playing the game."

That's a great way to really crush your goals! Check out our playing tennis in winter post to find out how to start in January! So let's see what's in our tennis bag to get us motivated.

Tennis bag essentials

There are a tonne of things you'd need to fill a tennis bag. Let's break them down.

  • Tennis equipment
    • Tennis racquet
    • Tennis balls
    • Spare strings, grips, tape, and dampeners
  • Tennis shoes
  • A towel
    • YES! A towel is invaluable, especially in the summertime when you're sweating on the court. Toweling yourself down is going to keep you comfortable, and not give you a chill in the winter.
  • Sunscreen and a hat
    • You might think this is a given, but most tennis courts are outdoors, so you're going to get a couple of hours in the sunshine at least! Adding sunscreen and a hat will help protect you from the harsh UVA and UVB rays.
  • A jacket
    • Counter-intuitive, we know, but when you're working out and sweating and you don't slowly reduce your core temperature, you're more at risk to experience an injury or feel ill afterwards. Read our post on post-workout jackets here.
  • Spare clothes and socks
    • After you're done working out, you may be a little sweaty, so changing into a warm, dry set of clothes will keep you loving your workout from start to finish.

Tennis gifts for their tennis bag

Skirted Capri Tights

Leggings + Skirt = The best-fitting skirted tights! We designed this piece to be multifunctional and fashion-forward. The double-layered pleat skirt top layer has just enough flare to allow free movement. The leggings feature bottom entry ball pockets to keep your balls stored so you can keep your game going. Made with our lightest weight, moisture-wicking UV jersey to keep you cool and protected from harmful UV rays.

Optical Delusion Tights

These are our staple active tights. Extremely comfortable, our famous fabric is a little heavier than you expect, but our tights are designed to be breathable and moisture wicking. Perfect for cooler weather! The simple Black color is the most versatile in our collection. Perfect for an active workout or grabbing a coffee with your best gal pals.

The Jo Visor with a Wide Brim

A wide, deep brim for ultimate sun protection, our wide brim visor is a perfect addition to any gym bag or pickleball outfit! The reflective silver brim and internal terry sweatband keeps you dry while you work out! With an adjustable fabric band, you'll find your perfect fit!

Crew with Zipper

This long sleeve crew is great for any outdoor activity. Tennis, swimming or surfing-this will be your go-to piece. Our UPF50 long-sleeve crews are designed to provide superior sun protection. The contrast sleeve panels allow for versatile wear with any outfit. The lightweight jersey fabric is breathable and cool to the touch. Cover up, and still look cute!

Pack your tennis bag with Jofit apparel!

You can never have too much tennis apparel in your tennis bag! Along with all your tennis essentials, add some extra apparel to the bag today!