Your Fabulous Winter Wardrobe - Working out In Long Sleeves

Long sleeves in winter is a no brainer, right? But have you heard about the latest in workout and gym fashion? It’s getting really popular to wear long sleeves when you work out - huh?! We never saw this coming! So why are people en-masse wearing long sleeves in the gym? Let’s explore.

Why would you EVER work out in long sleeves?

The question on everyone’s lips, why would you EVER do this to yourself? Wearing long sleeves to the gym or to work out helps increase your internal body temperature quicker, which can help warm you up more efficiently, especially if the gym or workout area is cold. It also helps KEEP your muscles and joints warm while you workout, which lowers your risk of injury. 

So, while wearing a sweater or long sleeves to the gym doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose weight faster or get a higher caloric burn (we WISH!), it does mean you’ll be warmer for longer.

There are some cons to be wary of - increasing your body heat means increased sweat, which can mean overheating, but most importantly, an increase in dehydration. Be sure to increase your water intake and keep an eye on your sweat levels!

What to look for in active clothing with sleeves

When you’re trying to find the best long sleeve workout shirts, you have to be looking for something that makes you feel comfortable and confident throughout your whole workout.


First and foremost, you want comfort. Look for clothing with moisture-wicking and quick dry capabilities - Polyester and Spandex blends are usually the ones to look for! When shopping for comfortable long sleeve workout clothing, be sure to also try clothes that have longer hems or scoop hems so you’re not left cold and exposed when reaching or crushing your workout. You’ll also want to look for wider sleeves and arms to ensure you’re getting the range of motion you need.


Breathable clothing is a MUST when working out, especially with long sleeves. Look for clothing with high polyester or cotton percentage, and for clothing that promotes moisture wicking and quick dry properties.

Our favorite long sleeve workout shirts

We have a variety of long sleeve workout shirts that will work great for the gym, for your yoga class, for… well, any kind of activity!

Long Sleeve Momentum Mock 

Get some momentum in our women’s long sleeve top! We love this mock on its own or worn as a layering piece. The mock collar is designed to give you great coverage without interfering with your performance. Side panels are flattering to all body types. The scoop hemline gives extra coverage. Don’t be surprised if this becomes the most worn piece in your closet!

Women's Solar Athletic Top 

Put on your Jofit Solar Top whenever the sun is shining to protect your skin from harmful rays. Worn by itself or layered, the UPF 50 Protection is built right into the fabric! This gorgeous long sleeve golf and tennis top is designed with a high-performance, lightweight UV jersey that is light enough to breathe while protecting your skin from the sun. The neckline sits a little higher and the sleeves are created longer to provide maximum protection. The Jofit Solar Top is engineered with impeccable detail and fit - you will want one of these in every color.

UV Crew with Zipper 

This long sleeve crew is great for any outdoor activity. Golfing, swimming or surfing-this will be your go-to piece. Our UPF50 long-sleeve crews are designed to provide superior sun protection. The lightweight jersey fabric is breathable and cool to the touch. Cover up, and still look cute! 

Half Sleeve Rib Collar Mock

Say hello to our new half sleeve rib collar mock! The sleek design is perfect for performance and front style lines give a feminine touch. The set in half sleeves give great arm coverage and allows for free movement. The stripe accented rib collar features colors in our latest collection so you can mix and match bottoms for a complete look. Our molded plastic zipper closure allows this mock to be worn zipped up or down. Add this sporty and stylish piece to your wardrobe today! 

The Best Long Sleeve Workout Tops - All Right Here At Jofit

Try out any of our long sleeve workout tops for your next workout, golf day, activity, or event! Don’t forget to hydrate!