Best Golf Clothes for Winter

Playing golf in brutal elements really shows love and passion for the game! The key to playing golf in the colder weather is to dress appropriately!

A Few Tips On Playing Golf In The Colder Weather

What to Look for in Winter Golf Clothes

Best Cold Weather Golf Clothes - From Jofit

A Few Tips On Playing Golf In The Colder Weather

The first tip to being successful in the colder weather? Dress appropriately. To play your best golf in the colder months, your top priority is to stay warm. You want to be able to swing with the same power and flexibility as you would on a warm day. When you’re cold, you’re stiff, and this can lead to high scores and even an injury. The key to staying warm on the course is to wear transitional layers, which Jofit can provide!

You also want to ensure that you spend more time warming up before a round in the cold weather. Being loose will keep you warm and will also prevent injury!

Other tips include taking a bigger variety of clubs for the cold and wet conditions, practicing indoors, and packing plenty of adult beverages 😊

Read our guide to find out more!

What to Look for in Winter Golf Clothes

Besides looking great and being fashion-forward (top-priority, obviously 😊) there are some key components to focus on when choosing your clothes for a winter golf game. These features include Fit, Moisture-wicking capabilities, and Warmth. Ensuring you hit these key components in your outfit will allow for your golf game to stay sharp!


Fit is what Jofit does best! When choosing your outfits for the winter months, you want to ensure that the fit is perfect as if the garment was designed for only you. Jofit’ s 4 way stretch fabrics move with your body when you swing, keeping you warm with the least amount of restrictions. Each garment is meticulously engineered for the perfect fit, so that you are comfortable and swing with ease. This is very important when in cold weather, as to maximize your game!

Moisture Wicking

Moisture-Wicking fabrics help keep your body dry when it starts to sweat and promotes evaporative cooling! Evaporative cooling is a process that naturally keeps our body temperature within a comfortable range during physical activity that causes you to overheat.

Wicking and breathing capabilities are also essential for warmth! With these fibers in your base layers, moisture will be pulled off your skin quickly so that you never feel wet or cool.

Moisture-wicking fabrics are important all year round as they help regulate your body temperature and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer!


Dressing appropriately and staying warm during your round of golf in the winter is essential. You want to select the correct base layers to keep you dry and warm all day long. You want to ensure that you pay attention to the fabrics that you are selecting as your layers, as you want them to work together in keeping you warm. For example, your base layer should be moisture-wicking, as to move all moisture to the surface. Your layers on top of this should have the same capabilities.

Best Cold Weather Golf Clothes - From Jofit



The Vitality Jacket is the perfect layering piece for a round of golf in the cold weather. Not only is it fashion forward with it’s flattering side panels and full-coverage scooped hem, but it is also our warmest jacket! Although this jacket is heavier and warm, it is not restrictive at all. The Vitality is made with a 4 way stretch fabric that moves with your body when you swing. Perfection! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this jacket is also UPF50, protecting you from all the harmful rays of the sun even on a cloudy, cold day!


The Wind Jacket with Removeable Sleeves is another perfect layering piece for the course, especially for an early morning tee time. This jacket is so transitional, that you can keep it on all day long. You can start the morning off with this jacket over a long sleeve mock, or even a short-sleeve polo. As it warms up through the day, easily pull the magnetic sleeves off and viola, you are wearing a vest. This is a TWO in ONE layering piece! These transitional magnetic sleeves make it easy to wear this jacket all day long. Made in our stretch woven fabric, this jacket moves with your body and is designed for a seamless round of golf with the girls. Bonus? It is also water repellant!


The Lightweight Jacket is the easiest jacket to wear for a cool day on the course! It is so easily packable, that it can be taken off and smushed into your golf bag once you warm up, only to be wrinkle-free for the chilly evening hours later. This jacket is extremely versatile with a fold-over collar that can be left up or down! It is also super flattering with side panels and raglan sleeves. You can’t go wrong!



The Slimmer Crop Pant is made in our heavy weight knit fabric and is perfect for the winter months on the course. It also transitions beautifully from the course to the clubhouse, so no need to change after your round. The stretch of this fabric allows the pant to move with your body when you swing, making it easier to perform in colder weather. It is also moisture-wicking and quick dry, which will keep you even warmer when you start to break a sweat from your game! The Slimmer Crop Pant is an extremely flattering silhouette, with a center seam making you look leaner and longer. Keep warm on the course, and head straight to the club for dinner! 


The Belted Cropped Pant is perfect for a cooler day on the course! It is made in our super light stretch woven fabric, so it moves with your body as you are walking the course or swinging your club. Performance-driven and moisture-wicking, these are a perfect pant to wear with your favorite Jofit layering pieces.


The Optical Delusion Tights are perfect for the cooler weather and are a more unique fashion statement on the course. Extremely comfortable, our famous fabric is a little heavier than you would expect, but these tights are designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking while keeping you warm. These versatile tights will make you look and feel your best with a wide contoured waistband that smooths and slims to front AND back pockets for your score card!


Long Sleeve Mocks

The Long Sleeve Mock is the perfect layering piece for underneath your jacket on a cold morning! Its buttery soft brushed jersey fabric makes this super comfortable on the skin too, with a cotton like feel. The long sleeve mock can be perfectly paired with the Wind Jacket with Removeable Sleeves, especially when it gets warmer throughout the day! When you take your magnetic sleeves off, the long sleeves of this mock are still warm, protecting you from the sun with its UPF50 fabric, and is moisture-wicking if you break a sweat! This top will keep you warm and comfortable all day long and is also extremely flattering. With slimming side panels and a scooped hem, this mock makes you look leaner and longer and even has a center front zipper that allows for customizable coverage!


The Momentum Mock is another great layering and transitional piece for the course! It can be worn on its own or underneath our Vitality jacket or Wind jacket! This top is much like our Long Sleeve Mock except it has a honeycomb textured jacquard fabric. This fabric is also rated UPF50 and has the same moisture-wicking and quick dry features! It is easily worn over a polo and is perfect for a chilly day on the course!

Golf Clothes for Cooler Weather with Jofit

Jofit has a wide variety of choices for the cooler weather, while also maintaining your fashion sense! From moisture-wicking jackets and long sleeve mocks to cropped pants and heavier tights, we have you fully covered!