How To Speed Up Muscle Recovery

If you've ever had muscle soreness the day after an intense tennis game or a tough workout, you know that muscle recovery can be a painful process. The good news? It doesn't have to be.

While many athletes seem to live by the "no pain, no gain" ethic, getting exercise and increasing your fitness doesn't mean you have to feel sore the next day. In fact, there are lots of ways to speed up recovery after exercise so you can have less post workout pain and more active fun.

Here at Jofit, we're all about more fun and less ouch whether you're getting on the tennis courts, tearing up the golf course, or hitting the gym. That's why we want to talk about how the right exercise clothes can help speed up your muscle recovery.

Do Workout Clothes Make a Difference?

You may already know the classic recovery tips of hydration, foam rolling, and a good night's sleep, but did you know choosing the right workout clothing can also make a difference in your recovery process? It can! Some studies have shown that wearing certain compression garments during or after intense exercise can help speed up muscle recovery. 

Don't get us wrong — you don't need to wear special clothes to get your sweat on, but there can be certain benefits to wearing workout clothes when you exercise. Let's dive a bit more into why the right workout clothes can make a difference.

Better circulation

Good blood flow is vital to stay comfortable while you exercise and to help your body get oxygen to your muscles. The right compression garments can help keep blood circulating better while you workout and recover.

Increased endurance and speed of muscle recovery

Some research has shown that wearing compression tights during or after a tough workout can help reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery. This is mostly because of the increased blood circulation because the blood can get more nutrients to your muscles quicker.

We won't lie — the research is still a little hazy, but hey, if it feels good, looks fierce, and has a chance to decrease recovery time, we're all for it.

Decreased muscle vibration (which helps muscles tire out less quickly)

Have you ever noticed the vibrations in your skin and muscles when you run or jump? If not, it means your body is doing a great job keeping everything together (nice!). Whether you notice them or not, those vibrations are happening and it can take extra energy to keep vibrations down.

Plus, that jiggly feeling can just be downright uncomfortable. For some, it can even cause itchiness. A bit of compression from your clothing (especially for your legs) may help out your whole body to manage those vibrations.

Less swelling of veins (which may cause muscle aches or fatigue)

Part of the reason for muscle soreness is from the inflammatory reaction that comes from muscle damage. When you do a hard workout, it causes tiny tears in the muscle that your body has to repair. When the muscles repair, they come back stronger, but until then the area can get swollen, stiff, and painful.

Just like doctors would wrap a sprained ankle to add some compression and reduce swelling, you can do the same thing for your normal post workout aches and pains.

Lower blood lactate levels (as too much lactic acid can affect muscles)

Lactic acid buildup in your muscles often happens during a tough workout because the muscle isn't getting enough oxygen, but still needs to convert glucose to energy. That process without oxygen produces lactic acid, or lactate, which creates that burning, tired, or pumped up feeling you might get after a sprint or intense weight lifting set.

Don't panic — it's totally normal. But that's not saying it's comfortable.

The right amount of compression in that area can help stimulate blood flow meaning you get more oxygen to the muscle (less lactate to begin with) and it helps move the substance out of the muscle quicker (letting you recover faster).

What to Look for in Workout Clothing

Pick clothing that works hard

You want clothing that's pulling it's weight so you get the most out of your workout. That means it should be moisture wicking, durable, breathable, and flexible.

For activewear, moisture wicking is an absolute must so you can get your sweat on without looking like you're breaking a sweat. Good moisture-wicking fabrics include Jofit's Jersey, UV Jersey, and Jacquard fabrics which use polyester synthetic fibers. These are great for moving sweat and liquid away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable.

Get the Right Fit

When it comes to compression and athletic fit clothes, you want it to feel a little tight, but not uncomfortably tight. Our clothing is designed to flatter your frame and work with your body — whatever shape or size.

For more tips on getting the perfect fit, check out our size guide.

Change With the Seasons and Location

The temperature outside has a huge impact on the type of clothing you want to wear during training. During the winter season or in colder areas, thicker fabric is especially important, while summertime calls for thinner, more breathable clothing.

Read ore about workout clothing in our guide.

Our Favorite Workout Leggings

Uplifting Tights


Our Uplifting Tights are an all-season favorite with lightweight, soft, and stretchy fabric that feels as good as it looks. With a variety of cute colors and designs including midnight blue, forest green, black, snakeskin, and feathery blue you can style them as a statement piece or keep it cool and casual with a cute active top.

Optical Delusion Tights

For the ultimate compression fit, our Optical Delusion Tights are what you want. These are our staple tights with our durable and extremely comfortable fabric. The fabric is a little thicker than in our Uplifting Tights, so these are great for cooler training sessions or just grabbing brunch with the gals.

These tights come in classic black and midnight blue,

Side Pocket Tights

Cute, colorful, and silky soft, the Side Pocket Tights are ideal for coffee shop dates with the gals and weekend strolls. These tights have side pockets on both thighs and our signature back pockets so you have plenty of places to carry your phone, score card, and anything else you need.

Don't Let Recovery Time Slow You Down

If you want to get more out of your rest days and feel better post exercise, we are right there with you. Thankfully, there are a lot of different ways to help reduce fatigue and soreness after working out — including trying some compression tights.

Want to try them for yourself? Grab a pair of our Optical Delusion Tights and test them out during your next workout.