What to Wear to Workout

What to Wear to Workout

What to look for in workout clothing

Different clothing for different workouts!

When you work out every day, you know how many workout outfits you need to keep it fresh and clean. There are only so many brands out there that are high enough quality to last wash after wash without fading or tearing. You want workout clothing to not only last, but to move with you, keep you covered, and increase your flexibility. We break down what to look out for in athletic apparel and how to find the best deals.

What to look for in workout clothing

There are three factors to look for when in the dressing room or online shopping for your next gym outfit.


Fit is the MOST important factor in finding your next gym outfit. Make sure that your workout clothes follow these guidelines:

  1. Find clothes that are comfortable. 

There’s nothing more irritating than getting to the gym and feeling uncomfortable. Try a scooped hem for increased coverage and tighter pants, especially if you’re running or biking. Wide leg and loose pants could get tangled up in the pedals or your feet, so you want to keep it tight. If you’re more into yoga or pilates, stretchy, fitted fabrics that wick away sweat are a good choice - especially in summers.

  1. Clothing should not be so tight that it restricts circulation. 

Pants and restrictive clothing can cause cramps, and can restrict breathing, as well as cause chafing where you don’t need it.


Pick clothing that wants to WORK! 

Some fabrics are designed to pull sweat from your skin - to wick it away. There are so many breathable fabrics, our favorite synthetic garments are spandex blends that wick sweat, helping it to evaporate quickly and keep the body cool.

Cotton shirts and pants absorb sweat, and they don’t pull it away from the skin. As a result, cotton workout clothes often feel heavy and wet. For that reason, you want to avoid fabrics that don’t breathe like rubber or plastic.


You want to find clothing that flexes with you, and doesn’t constrict in the wrong areas. Our favorite test of flex in the dressing room is this sequence:

  1. 2 jumping jacks
  1. Testing the lateral movement of the clothing
  1. 2 jumps
  • . Testing that hold and if there’s rolling
  1. A downward dog
  • . Testing if any of the clothes lose coverage when bent over
  1. A high kick on each leg
  • . Testing the medial movement of the clothing
  1. A lunge on each leg
  • . This tests for any pinching or tightness 

Choose your workout clothing based on the kind of workout you want to do. There are different things to look out for and different fabrics that can help enhance your workout experience.

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Yoga + Stretching

Yoga and any kind of stretching means you want a set of workout clothes that are breathable, flexible, and form fitting. Yoga tights and bottoms should be made with flexible fabrics like nylon and spandex to increase your squat and your downward dog. Pair that with any form fitting top that won’t hang over your head when you’re upside down.

  1. Running

Clothes built for running need to be supportive but not restrictive. If it's cold, running tights are an ideal choice. Supportive and stretchy, they won't dangle in the mud or puddles and they won't chafe. Opt for a looser top to keep it light and breathable. Our tank tops work great for summer running, and can help you feel great and look awesome.

  1. Golf

This is where the Jofit collection really thrives! Our Jofit golf collection full of great golf clothing - but why does Jofit have the best quality golf clothing? We know how great quality fabric affects your golf game. The right women’s golf outfit can effortlessly provide you with the boost of confidence you need to elevate your game from fun to competitive. Our golf clothes are moisture wicking and all rated UPF50+! Meaning they’re great for summer and are perfect for any sweaty day out on the course. Our shirts come in a feminine fit, with scoop hems to provide extra coverage. Check out our Best Golf Shirts for Hot Weather post for more information on our favorites.

  1. Tennis

Tennis clothing is our second child - we love a good tennis outfit and there are so many options out there. Our women's tennis tops, bottoms, and accessories are designed to fit and flatter. Our technically designed fabrics are perfect for year-round play, moisture-wicking fabric for our tops and skorts in the summer, and warm, fleece-lined jackets for winter mornings on the court. Look for fun, flowy bottoms for summer court fun, and tighter tops to keep your swing strong and impressive.

Build your Active Fashion Workout with Jofit

It doesn’t matter what season, your activewear and athletic fashion should be flexible and have the fit you need to concentrate on your game. In summer, you should be looking for clothing that

  • Fits well
  • Is made with soft, breathable fabric, moisture-wicking if possible!
  • Are quick drying
  • Have high mobility and flexibility

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