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UV Protection

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Women's Golf Clothes with UV Protection

Get out there and COVER UP! If you are like us, you crave the sun.  We love to be outside; a round of golf, a walk on the beach, a tennis match with girlfriends - you name it, we are there.  Unfortunately, with that comes a laundry list of reasons why UV protectant clothing is uber important.  Premature aging, skin cancer, sunspots, and wrinkles are just a few reasons why SPF and UPF apparel is a MUST! Not to mention, UV apparel is considered one of the top methods of protection from the sun and UV rays!  Fabrics that rank at UPF50 indicates that the garment blocks 97.5% of UVA and UVB radiation. GUESS WHAT? All of our sports products (minus our mesh undershorts) are UPF50!

What goes into the garment?

Not all fabrics are created equal, that is why we source the best UV fabrics from around the globe. The most important characteristic of UPF50 (or SPF50) garments is the tightly woven threads that prevent the UV rays from penetrating the fabric. The fabric we source is woven extraordinarily tight so your UV properties are built into our garments, meaning the sun repellent properties will never “wash out”.

Where is UV appropriate?

ANYWHERE! We realize the significance associated with UV apparel, so we have designed garments to “blend in”, so to speak.  From our crewnecks to our UV Mocks and our UV Polos, this division can be worn anywhere you want to go.  Built for your lifestyle, our technical fabrics, and bold prints transition with ease and help you feel safe and protected while enjoying the outdoors. Don't forget to top it all off with a classic visor that can be worn to any outside event!