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Activewear Accessories

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Women's Fitness Accessories

When it comes to workout clothing, we often think of the classics. The leggings, the tank tops, the right pair of shoes. All of these elements are very important, but what about that little something extra? When choosing an outfit for your workout, there are many things to consider. How can you carry all your items if you don’t have pockets? What if you need help holding your bottoms in place when you’re constantly moving? How can you keep the sun out of your eyes?

Women's Active Visors and Hats

Visors are a great way to protect your eyes and face during a workout. Sometimes, a full cap can feel a bit too stuffy and a visor is a great way to get all the benefits while keeping the top of your head free! Our visor comes with a wide, deep brim to protect your eyes and face from every angle. We’ve also included an internal sweatband made out of terry cloth to help wick away moisture during your workout. Stretch fabric ensures that our visor will shape and mold to create the perfect fit for you. Our visor will be the cherry on top to your workout outfit!

Women's Active Belts

We don’t always think of belts as being necessary to a workout outfit, but they can actually be an excellent accessory for keeping you comfy all day long! Workouts and games require tons of quick movement, usually for long periods of time. Jofit belts can be a great way to make sure your bottoms stay put as you go. Our belts pair especially well with our Belted Golf Shorts, which are fantastically fashionable and functional bottoms perfect for hitting the green.

Though they are small, accessories pack a major punch in a workout outfit! Adding some finishing touches will complete your workout outfit and make sure you’re prepared for it all. The next time you’re thinking of adding a touch of extra utility to your workout outfit, make sure you pick up Jofit’s accessories!