Solo Travel Essentials for 2022


Solo trips are the best way to get away from it all, relax and do some self-discovering. Maybe you’re headed to the beach, a cabin in the woods or staying in a city. No matter where you go, you’ll need to pack travel essentials. Is this your first solo trip? Not sure what to pack?  How many pairs of underwear is too much? Nothing makes a trip smoother than the feeling of being prepared and ready to go. We made a travel packing checklist for you girlfriend, so get ready for that much needed time off!

The Essential Items

The following items are must-haves when packing for a solo trip in 2022. Having these in your bag will make you the ultimate traveler.

  • Phone –Phones have everything you need in a compact form; maps for getting around, a camera for your gorgeous selfies and the ability to stay in contact with family and new friends you may meet on your trip.

  • Documents – ID cards, passports and tickets are the most important docs to have on your person when traveling. Although e-tickets are easily available, photocopies of these docs are helpful to have on hand.

  • Phone charger – You need to show your e-ticket, but your phone is on 5%. Always have your phone charger handy and a portable battery pack so you won’t be caught in this situation.

  • Wallet and Emergency Cash – Unless you’re traveling to a remote island, you’re going to need some form of payment. Make sure to keep your wallet and cards in a secure pocketbook or bookbag. Some places are still cash only so having emergency cash is helpful to keep in your wallet.

  • Medications – Don’t forget to pack any medications or daily vitamins you may need. We want you to have a happy, healthy, and safe trip.

Toiletry Packing List                                            

  • soap, shampoo, conditioner

  • travel toothbrush and toothpaste

  • small body towel

  • deodorant

  • sunscreen

  • razer

  • makeup

  • sanitary products

Additional Checklist for your Solo Travels

Now that you have all the essential items, here are some extras you can pack that will make your travels as smooth as possible.

Items to consider including:

  • headphones

  • bag/purse

  • simple snacks

  • umbrella

  • rain jacket  - A light, packable jacket is perfect to have in your bag so you don’t get caught in the rain. Our Wind Jacket with Removeable sleeves will keep you warm against high wind areas and is water resistant to keep you dry. Also featuring removeable sleeves, this jacket is the perfect 2-1 piece.

  • swimwear - If you’re headed to a beach or tropical getaway, you’ll definitely need a bathing suit and coverup. Shop of line of gorgeous styles here

  • quick-drying towel

  • Covid-19 vaccination card

  • first-aid kit

Tips for solo traveling

Pack Light

Overpacking, we’re all guilty of it. It’s best to travel lightly as possible so you’re not lugging around huge and heavy bags.

What type of bag to use?

The best bag to use while traveling depends on your mode of transportation and length of your trip. Back packs are great for trips to the city or hiking excursions. The multiple sections and pockets to help keep your items organized. Duffel bags are perfect for quick weekend getaways and easy to toss into a car for a road trip. If going by plane, a carryon sized suitcase is best for short trips. Most airlines offer free carryon’s so you can avoid checking in large suitcase.

Be Smart with the Clothes You Pack

Obviously, you’ve packed your basic clothing items like pjs, basic tees and 10 pairs of underwear (maybe too many pairs?). Since you covered those, you’ll need versatile pieces to get you through your day and nighttime activities. Here are some recommendations for you!

Anorak Jacket

 You’ll always need a layering piece to keep you covered and warm. Our anorak jacket is stretchy and lightweight which makes it perfect for packing. We added super deep front pockets to help hold your phone and wallet easily without having to worry about them falling out the sides. The hidden internal drawcord allows you to wear it cinched in for a feminine look.

UV Crew

Our UV crew is great as a layering piece under short sleeve tops, jackets and is also perfect on its own. Made from our lightest weight UV jersey, this top will keep you cool, comfortable and safe from harmful UV rays. Take it on your travels for hiking, swimming, or exploring. The moisture wicking fabric will help keep you dry in warmer weather. Click here to check out more of our sun-safe styles.

Uplifting Tights

Nothing beats the feeling of super comfortable leggings on a flight. Our uplifting tights are the perfect pair to get you through the airport, to your hotel and around town. The side pockets are deep enough for your cellphone and the additional back pockets add extra coverage and room for any extra things you need to carry. These tights are available in multiple colors and prints to match your wardrobe.


Pants that can be pulled up without zippers are the ideal bottoms to go with on travels. Our slimmers are hands down the best pull-on pants to wear for cooler climates. The super stretch twill fabric offers movement while still having a polished look. We also gave this style plenty of room for storage with 4 pockets which is perfect for those days when you don’t want to carry a handbag. Pair it with any of these tops for the ultimate travel fit.
Check out the links below for more travel friendly outfits:

We know this solo trip is nerve wracking and exciting at the same time but you’ve got it sister! We hope this helped get you get prepared for your journey. Have a drink, make new friends and go on an amazing adventure as the independent woman you are! Make the most of your packing with our latest styles.