Where to Play Golf in the Winter - It’s not all golf courses!

As they say — winter is coming. Which means winter temperatures, shorter days, and for some places, snow. But does that mean you have to give up your trips to the golf club during the winter season? Not necessarily!

However, playing golf in the winter months often takes a bit more effort to either have the right clothing, go to the right winter golf destinations, or at the very least, check the weather. In this post, we'll go over all things winter golf including brief tips to play winter golf, where to find the best winter golf scene, and how to keep yourself warm during your rounds of golf in the cold.

Can you play golf in winter?

While some fair-weather golfers will say the golf season is over as soon as the temperature goes below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, hardier golfers (shout out to you Myrtle Beach ladies in South Carolina!) will diligently wrap up for tee time at the golf resort in sun, rain, or snow. If that's you or if you want to play some great golf without battling the cold, then keep reading because hitting some golf balls in the winter can be plenty fun regardless of the weather outside. (And if you want more tips for winter golfing, be sure to check out our full list of cold weather golfing tips.)

That said, some top golf destinations especially in norther locations do close off their courses for the winter to help keep the grass in good condition for spring and summer seasons. If it's snowing where you are, we recommend double checking with your course to see if it's open.

Where are our favorite Winter golf activities

If you're hankering for a warm winter trip golf getaway to somewhere like South Florida or the Palm Springs area, then you'll absolutely be able to get your golf on this winter. However, for those who can't swing (pun intended) a warmer destination golf trip, don't despair! You can still hit a golf ball or two with these winter golf activities.

Top Golf

Top Golf is a new kind of indoor, high-tech golf course where you hit micro-chipped golf balls at different dartboard-like targets for points. The closer you get to hitting the "bullseye" the more points you get. These venues are all-weather-ready with covered hitting bays and heaters.

woman playing golf during daytime

Driving Ranges

Driving ranges are a great place to go when you want to get a few hits in, but maybe don't want to invest the whole 18 holes. While it doesn't quite get you the same experience as full golf courses, it still lets you practice your swing and keep up your technique. One thing to keep in mind though: if your driving range is outside, try to keep your golf balls warm. The cold air can slow down your ball, but a warm golf ball flies better and can help mitigate this.

white round balls on white paper

Mini Golf

Mini golfing is not just a first date activity. If you're playing outdoor mini-golf, you may still have similar challenges in the cold as you would with regular golf, but there are many indoor mini golf courses that are plenty fun and let you practice your putting.

red ball close-up photography

Golf Simulators 

Virtual reality is "in" and so are golf simulators. Whether you have the money to shell out for at-home indoor simulators or you just want to find somewhere that offers renting or use of a golf simulator, this can be a great way to have a similar experience to the real thing without battling the cold.

Golf Driving Range Kit 

Practice your swing and form from just about anywhere with a golf driving range kit. On a basic level, a driving range kit is a big net that catches your ball so you can work those big hits without worrying about braking a window. Your neighbors will thank you...

Keeping warm during Winter golf

If you're braving the cold for a round of golf, the most important thing is keeping warm and that means having the right clothing out on the course! Lucky for you, we've designed some women's golf clothes that can keep you toasty, comfortable, and fashionable throughout the winter months both on and off the course.

Women's Golf Jackets

One of the biggest keys to winter golf clothes is layers — clothing you can take off and fold up if the sun comes out or pile on when the temp drops. Our sweaters and lightweight jackets offer that perfect layer to keep you warm through all your outdoor winter activities. It doesn't hurt that you'll look good at the same time too!

Women's Golf Pants

When it comes to a good pair of winter golf pants, you want something that allows full range of motion and has sturdy fabric to protect you from the elements. Our golf pants and leggings are stylish, but also have that performance aspect with moisture-wicking fabrics and enough stretch to move with your swing.

Women's Long Sleeves

We know — long-sleeve golf tops can be a touchy subject. We've put in serious effort to make sure our long sleeve tops give you the comfort and coverage you need to layer up for the cold.

Want to learn more about what to look for in women's winter golf clothing? Check out our full guide here!