Why Wear Post Workout Jackets?

In our previous article What to Wear to Workout, we talked about the importance of choosing fabrics that have high coverage and are great at wicking moisture. Adding a jacket to your post workout is just as important and can have a huge impact on your health and the effectiveness of your workout. 

The Science Behind Post Workout Jackets

Illness Prevention

Slow Warm Downs

Injury Prevention

Looking Cute

Our Favorite Workout Jackets

The Science Behind Post Workout Jackets and Warmth

A good workout can get your heart-rate over 150 bpm, which means you are sweating, and if you’re anything like me, probably sweating through your clothes. You’re hot, sweaty and ready for a cool blast to the face with the AC.

Pro tip - Don’t!

As your heart rate increases, blood pumps faster around the body to get your muscles the replenishment they need. To help cool itself, “your body sends more blood to circulate through your skin.” (Mayo Clinic). When this happens, less blood is available for your muscles, increasing heart rate allowing you to cool down through evaporation. “The more strenuous your workout, the more heat they produce. During very vigorous workouts, muscle heat production can increase 15 to 20 times above resting levels.” (LiveStrong). As you get fitter, you start sweating and pumping blood through the skin at lower core temperatures, meaning you can work out for longer.

When you stop working out, your muscles are still hot, and your core temperature is still above normal. Adding a jacket or layering item keeps your body at higher temperatures for longer, meaning you continue the nourishment of your muscles, continue your sweat, and really slow down the cool down process.

Illness Prevention

Your high core temperatures with cooler atmospheric temperature means that you’re at a higher risk of catching a cold or even catching a virus due to the sudden change in temperature. Your body’s natural method for cooling is sweating, so don’t be afraid to extend the sweat period! The best way to do that is throwing on a jacket and pants to contain the heat.

Slow Warm Downs

Warming down - or cool down - is an important part of working out. It helps:

  • Return your heart rate to resting slower
  • Avoid post-workout headaches and dizziness
    • This is caused by blood pooling in your legs rather than continuing to circulate the body
  • Remove Metabolites - the molecules that are the end product of metabolism - are removed quicker, meaning higher rate of fat burning.

The longer your warm down period, the longer you have to burn calories and keep your body fit.

Injury Prevention

If your body cools too quickly and your core temperature drops in a snap, your muscles can be prone to strains and sprains when you start moving again. Blood starts to pool in the legs when you cool too quickly which can lead to pains and over time can result in tense muscles.

The lactic acid that builds up in your muscles during exercise can stick in one area when you cool down too quickly, meaning more next day soreness!

Throwing on warm clothes after working out can prevent any injuries caused after exercising.

Looking Cute

The most important thing about throwing on a cover up or jacket after working out is looking cute, of course! With our selection of athletic jackets, perfect for yoga or wine night, you’ll find something worth packing in your gym bag.

Our Favorite Workout Jackets

The Cropped Bomber

The cropped bomber is a HIT with Jofit customers. It’s trendy zip-front closure gives this classic jacket an easy to wear flair. The open and wide sleeve design means a relaxed fit that still cuffs at the wrists for easy movement.

Epic Bomber

The Epic Bomber Jacket is the perfect blend of comfort and style. The Nylon Spandex fabric is super soft and has superior stretch. The metallic zippers give it a pop! This jacket pairs great with tights or jeans. Throw it on after a workout or for a night out. We love to wear this jacket for travel. At the airport or on the train, you’ll be super comfortable and still look polished!

Wind Jacket with Removable Sleeves 

The fan favorite - our wind jacket with removable sleeves is our go to jacket for an easy in-between seasons look. This two-in-one layering piece has magnetic sleeves for easy on and off. The long shirttail hem means extra coverage as you’re leaving your work out. 

Textured Woven Vests

This quilted active vest is the perfect addition to your outfit! The unique fabric texture makes this piece stand out. It features a full-coverage hood to protect you from the wind and rain, and front pockets to store EVERYTHING you need. 

Fringed Poncho

Mix it up with this fashion-first fringed poncho. Made of buttery soft french terry, this Poncho will change your life! Our wear-anywhere poncho is designed with a relaxed pocket and neckline. An open sleeve creates a flattering silhouette. This luxuriously soft and snuggly poncho can be paired with any of the Jofit athletic bottoms.

Need more advice on what to wear to workout? Read our guide!

Post Workout Jackets for Every Activity 

No matter your workout schedule - whether it’s abs on a Wednesday or Tennis on a Saturday, you know there’s a post workout jacket that’s right for you at Jofit.