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Baileys, a sweet treat! It tastes like a milkshake but with a kick. Who doesn’t love that?  We certainly do, so we borrowed the name and created (what might be) one of our best collections yet.  


Let’s dissect it down to its most raw components, shall we?  


Black and white collide to offer a classic and clean base pallet.  Then our in-house design team incorporated various bold prints with pops of electric Ice Blue.  


Enter: my new fall wardrobe

Wanting to always give credit where it is due, I feel inclined to throw up a BIG HIGH FIVE to the black and white vibes that you’ll find in this collection.  Out of the gate (or off the tee box, if you will), Baileys is loaded with transitional garments that are the very definition of “day-to-play”.  We’re talking oversized cheetah prints, color-blocked tops, pinstripe bottoms and all over leopard/rose prints.  These styles are course and court appropriate, they’re perfect for a yoga class followed by brunch with the girls or even a play date with the grandkids.  

Continuing on…in addition to being sophisticated yet fierce, Baileys contains all of the Jofit proprietary design details that our sisters have grown to love.  Rear darts on all our tops, scooped hemlines and contoured waistbands offer up the Jofit design trifecta that consistently comes together to conceal, slim and shape.


Finally, the recipe:

A Flat White Martini

  • 25ml of vodka (we like the goose)
  • 50ml of Baileys Irish Crème
  • 50ml of Espresso

 Pour over ice, shake it up. Sip, enjoy, repeat.