Best Hats for Golf - Why the Jofit Visor is a Best Seller

What is a Visor?

A visor is an accessory that you wear on your head, much like a hat. It has a projecting front on a headband, specifically for shading your face and eyes from the sun and protecting your skin.

Why You Need a Hat for Golf

Wearing a visor or a hat for golf is essential if you want to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun! Visors and hats allow for ultimate protection of your head and face while outside.

Golf is a game that requires much attention and focus. Being able to focus properly requires minimal distractions! Distractions that can easily occur when playing a sport outside are your hair blowing in your face, or the sun shining in your eyes. Since golf always requires your eye on the ball, these distractions can be very detrimental to your game. Wearing a visor helps monitor these distractions and makes it a lot easier to only focus on the ball!

Another distraction while being out in the sun all day could be the anxiety of sun damage on your head and face. Sunburn in these spots are not safe long-term and are also very uncomfortable!  Wearing a hat or visor for sun protection will minimize this anxiety and allow you to feel confident that your skin is safe. In return – you can solely focus on your swing or putt!

Wearing a visor during your golf game not only completes your outfit, but it is the safest option and is very recommended when spending a day on the course in the sun!

 Our Jofit Visor

The Jofit visor is unlike other visors in the golf apparel industry! It is better and more advanced solely because it has a deeper and wider brim. This provides ultimate protection from the sun since it is covering a wider range of your head and face.

Since visors are meant to be worn outside during physical activities, like golf or tennis, we ensured that our visor was rated UPF 50, which is the highest achievable rate! It is also made in our moisture-wicking jersey fabric! Since moisture-wicking fabrics pull moisture away from your skin when you start to sweat, your visor will never get wet or smelly, even on the hottest days! This will keep you cool AND protect your skin!

Another unique feature of the Jofit visor is that it contains an adjustable fabric band that allows you to customize the fit to your head. This fabric band is extremely soft and comfortable, and you do not even feel it on your head! Being able to customize the fit of your visor is important so that the visor can properly protect your skin, as well as feel the upmost comfortable during your game.

Jofit launches a new collection every 60 days! With each new collection, we provide a new visor in a fashion color that coordinates to that specific group. This makes it easy to complete all your outfits! This accessory is not only super safe, but super cute too! You’re welcome!