“Can golf balls freeze?” And other winter golf FAQs

Have you been wondering when you'll have to retire your clubs for the winter? Get your jacket, golfing is still on! The weather might be dropping, but your game doesn't have to. Learn what you should know before hitting the course. 

Can you play golf in winter?

Golfing in the winter might look different, but your fun doesn't have to stop. Depending on where you live, the start of the cold season can either be throwing on a jacket or several layers. Regardless of cold weather, golf does not stop once winter hits. While you might not see the same amount of people on the course, you can golf with weather protection. 

Unlike summer, your body faces more risk as it braves the elements. The key to comfortable and fun winter golfing is making sure you keep warm. If braving the cold is not an ideal option, switch it up with indoor golf. You can visit an indoor driving range or get creative and build your very own at-home setup. 

Why is winter golf harder?

Have you ever golfed in the winter and wondered why it was more difficult? Don't feel discouraged; there is a reason. Weather conditions are the route to your frustrations. Playing on a dry, warm course is easier on your body and equipment. When winter comes, it adds extra obstacles in moving through a golf course. As well you have to be careful with your equipment as moisture increases.

Can golf balls freeze?

You are not the only one freezing in the winter, golf balls do too! Like people, when it gets cold outside, your golf balls are affected. Their performance will decline as the weather drops. Golf Laboratories report no solution for this issue as golf balls are very absorbent of heat.

How much distance do you lose in winter golf?

The difference of distance in your golf ball in colder weather is noticeable. Golf laboratories report the difference to be one yard of carry for every 10-degree change in temperature. There are also human factors that affect your distance. If you are wearing bulky clothes to keep warm, you will not have the same flexibility. Gloves that do not have a good grip can also hurt your distance. 

What do you need to be prepared for winter golf?

The most important way to ensure you enjoy your winter golfing is to prepare for it. No one likes shivering in the cold. Until the weather rises, extra planning in your golfing adventures is the best way to go. Be prepared for winter with our list!

Dress the part 

The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while doing what you enjoy. Layering for winter golf is perfect as you can adjust your clothing as you play. If you live in a colder area, save your fingers and get comfortable golfing gloves. A jacket or coat might also be a good option as temperatures continue to drop. Don't forget about your feet; your shoes should protect you from moisture and keep you warm.

Of course we have some examples!

UV Crew with Zipper

This long sleeve crew is great for any outdoor activity. Golfing, swimming, or surfing-this will be your go-to piece for breathable comfort.

Skirted Capri Tights

Experience the benefits of this legging and skirt combination. The double-layered pleat skirt top layer allows for free movement. The leggings feature bottom entry ball pockets to keep your balls stored to keep your game going.  

Pull On Capri


Our pull-on capri pants are the perfect mixture of fashion and function. The 4 Way lightweight stretch fabric gives freedom to move and breathability. Add these perfect capris to your wardrobe!

Lightweight Jacket

This jacket is easy to throw in your golf bag or suitcase. The oversized collar and front seaming detail make this piece stylish and sophisticated. 

Duo Jacket


We designed this piece to be a staple in your closet. The jacket features magnetic sleeves that transition into a vest. The quilted woven is warm and mid-weight, so it doesn’t slow you down!

Vitality Jacket in Black

This jacket is the perfect layering piece. The jacket is made with 4-way stretch fabric that moves with your body. Upgrade your winter apparel with this high-quality jacket!

Stay hydrated 

When warmer weather drenches you with sweat, it is easier to remember that you must hydrate. Without those temperatures, it can be natural to forget. Replacing hydration lost by sweating helps your body perform better. Play your best by drinking some water!

Keep moving! 

​​With more wind and even snow, you need to stay warm. A great way to heat your body is by movement. When you start to get too cold, do a few exercises in place. Some people might choose to do jumping jacks or even run in place. 

Wear sunglasses and winter gloves 

Our eyes are often forgotten when it comes to protecting our bodies. Have you ever felt a sting from the sun hitting your eyes? Their UV rays can be frustrating while you golf and also damaging to your eyes. Winter gloves are your hand's best friend. When looking for the right pair, make sure they have a comfortable grip. 

Remember the winter golf rules

Winter golf rules work to keep the game fair. With unpredictable impacts from the weather, it will be harder for you to play. These rules help improve the fairness of your game.

Preferred Lies

When weather conditions noticeably affect a golf course. Players have the option to improve the place of their ball if it lands in an affected area. It's important to remember that this rule is not to move you closer to the hole.

Casual Water

In winter, golf courses can have temporary piles of water. If your ball lands in a puddle, the rule allows you to relieve your ball. 

Embedded Ball Rule

Winter changes the conditions of a golf course's environment. If your ball becomes embedded in the grass, you can relieve your ball. 

Time to play!

Winter is never going away, but that doesn't mean your outdoor sports have to. There can be obstacles to playing in the winter, learning to play with them is necessary. Enjoy outdoor golf and tennis by ensuring that your clothing gives high-quality support. Now that you know how to prepare for winter, it's time to hit the course!