Leggings on the Course?

Last week I was approached by the head pro at our local course.  He was dealing with the fall out of the younger female golfers wearing leggings and the older, more conservative female golfers sharing their concerns. Since I own Jofit, a brand that includes golf apparel, he wanted my thoughts on the subject.

My first response is, “I really don’t care what anyone wears on the course.”  However, if I really spend time thinking about the implications, it’s a question that needs a proper response.  I completely understand and appreciate the history and etiquette of the game. I also understand the pain of golfing in colder weather.  If possible, I usually walk 18 holes rather than ride in a cart although I am getting older and this might change soon.  This means I need comfort and lots of pockets.

I offered our pro this advice:
You need to keep your members happy.  Because both the younger and more experienced golfers want a clear answer, you need a “rule”.

If leggings are to be worn on the course they should have rear pockets.  This solves two issues.  One, the pockets serve a golf specific function.   Two, they cover the thin layer of fabric over the butt cheeks that some women find offensive.    

Also, you would be hard pressed to find a difference in the fit between the new skin tight stretch woven pants being offered by many brands, and skin tight stretch jersey knit leggings.  In my mind, as long as both offer rear pockets, there isn’t any problem with either.


Jo Cloak
Jofit CEO & Founder