The Best Athleisure Jackets

Athleisure jackets are the perfect blend of sophistication and style. Our pieces are versatile so you don’t need a new jacket for a new activity. Whether you are going to get coffee with the girls in the morning and heading to the golf course after you can wear the same jacket. We offer a variety of colors, fits and designs so you find the perfect athleisure jacket at Jofit!

What To Look For In Athletic Jackets


Finding a jacket that fits your body and feels comfortable is key. You want to find an athleisure jacket that is not too tight or too baggy. Whether you are doing leisure activities or working out it’s important you aren’t feeling constricted. Many of our jackets have a 4 way stretch fabric that allows for more movement and comfort. This allows for our jackets to form to your body better and move with you instead of against you. We promote comfort in all our clothes and we want you to find the right fit so you feel fierce. 


Form is important to find the right jacket for you based on your lifestyle and needs.There are side panels on our jackets to add a more flattering look and a scoop hem for extra coverage. We have front welt pockets on our jackets as well to add your essentials - keys, phone, scorecard and more! You want to find a jacket that forms to your body and fits in all the right places. Our jackets give you the coverage you need while providing a flirty look to highlight your feminine features. 


We use a variety of fabrics here at Jofit that include blends of: Polyester, Pandemic and Nylon. Polyester is lightweight, fast drying and heat resistant which makes it great to wear at any time of the day. Spandex is another lightweight material that helps create more movement in your jacket. The fabric creates added comfort and allows you to move with ease throughout the day. Nylon is a fabric that is flexible, super soft and has moisture wicking properties. If you are sweating you don’t have to worry about it getting through your jacket. A mix of these blends will keep you comfortable and feel great no matter where the day takes you.

Where to wear athletic jackets

Golf Course

Athleisure is a mix of leisure and athletics which means it’s perfect to wear when you are golfing. The jackets are lightweight and are small enough to fold and add to your golf bag. We use sweat wicking technology, comfortable and flexible fabrics to keep you comfortable all day on the course. Our jackets include pockets that are perfect to put your scorecards in so they won’t get lost. 

Coffee Shop

Our jackets are great to wear for leisure activities like going to the coffee shop with some friends. Get your favorite drink and relax catching up the girls in your versatile athleisure jacket. If you are heading to the gym after or the course you can wear the same jacket. We understand that you have busy days and sometimes don’t have time to have a new outfit for different occasions. If this sounds like you, check out our jackets to find the right fit and look for your lifestyle!


Whether you are relaxing at the park with your family or going on a morning hike our athleisure jackets are a must. No matter where the day takes you at the park you can wear the same jacket and feel good. It’s lightweight, easy to store and will comfortably fit your body. When your plans change there’s no problem and you can enjoy where the day takes you.

Wearing athleisure before, after, and during your workout 

The beauty of athleisure is that all our pieces are for multiple occasions. Whether you are grilling with the family, going out for a drink, working out or having a relaxing day you can wear the same jacket! They are perfect for the in-between weather when it’s too warm for a big jacket, but too cold to wear a t-shirt. 

Our favorite athletic jackets

Epic Bomber Jacket

Our Epic Bomber Jacket comes in the shade Midnight and has a fun metallic zipper. This jacket is great to grill outside with the family in or go hiking in the park. It has a slim fit on the arms and 4 front pockets with zippers. There is a stand collar that comes with a snap with a high-low hem. If you are looking for a subtle pop like our metallic zipper then this is the piece for you!

Lightweight Jacket

This jacket comes in Ice Blue that is lightweight and stylish that adds a pop of color in your wardrobe. Our famous lightweight jacket is great to bring when you are on the go to put in your golf bag or gym backpack. It comes with two zip closure pockets and oversize foldover collars. Moreover it comes with flattering side panels to give the jacket a flattering fit.

Wind Jacket with Removable Sleeves

Want to know why our wind jacket is the perfect summer addition? If it is a windy 4th of July and the temperature warms up later in the day you can take the sleeves off! Yes, you heard that right it’s like two jackets in one. They are easy to remove and attach with this convenient lightweight jacket. It comes in the shade black so this jacket will match with any pair of leggings or jeans.

Wear one of our comfy, flexible and reliable athleisure jackets every day. Wear them when you get your coffee, head to the park, or on the golf course! The jackets are versatile, lightweight and easy to store pieces that are a must to add to your collection. They are a perfect mix of leisure and athletics that give you a fitting and sophisticated look no matter where you go.

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