The Perfect Joggers for Brunch With Your Gal Pals

When should you eat breakfast? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, sometimes you might not feel like getting up early enough to eat it. Let alone plan a get-together with your friends. Cue brunch, arguably the best meal of the day, and the perfect opportunity to share a meal with your crew!

Read on to learn about planning and dressing for your next brunch get-together!

Brunch vs Lunch

Did you have breakfast this morning? If your answer is no, you are like 24% of adults that regularly or occasionally don't eat breakfast. As important as breakfast is, waking up and having the energy during the morning hours is tough. Instead of skipping your morning meal, try brunch and make your alarm clock and taste buds happy.

What's better than breakfast and Lunch? Brunch! Unlike breakfast, brunch is typically eaten later in the day, around 11 am to 2 pm. Why is it better? The menu possibilities! At restaurants, you can get a range of food far beyond the staples of bacon and eggs, as well as yummy mimosa or two. Brunch allows you to share a meal and giggle with your friends after a busy week.

What makes brunch and Lunch different? Lunch is later in the day, happening midday, with food meant to fuel you through your activities. It is like brunch as a lighter meal but can lack the breakfast menu items you enjoy. Brunch is the best of both worlds as you can eat a variety of breakfast and lunch items. 

Planning brunch with friends

Sometimes the best way to recharge is eating delicious food with your girlfriends. Although, when planning a brunch with your girls, there are limitations such as time or availability. Planning brunch can be tricky, especially if you want to include all the confident women in your life.

We understand the stress and want to help with these tips. 

Plan ahead

While an emergency might come up or a last-minute task, planning is key to making your brunch experience a great one. One of the first things you should do is build your invite list. Start by sending a text in your group chat or a cute email. Knowing how many people will attend is needed for your planning. If you plan on inviting two of your close friends or even ten, getting their ideas can also help ensure that everyone has a good time. 

Pick your location 

Once you know who is coming, you need to pick where you are going. Choosing to go out for brunch is a good option for many reasons. There is no mess to clean, more convenient meeting locations, and more choices of food and drinks you can all experience together. It can also be difficult getting a reservation, dealing with crowds, and busy wait times. 

What are your other options? Hosting your brunch! Hosting provides a lot more flexibility over creating an experience with your friends. You can pick the food menu, the time, and even the music that plays in the background. With that flexibility comes great responsibility. Unlike a restaurant, you will have to think of the cooking, clean-up, and being the host of your own experience. 

Both are good choices depending on what type of brunch experience you and your friends want to have. As long as you can enjoy time with your friends, whichever you choose is the right choice.

Making a menu

Seeing smiles on your bestie's faces can be a great feeling. If you are hosting, you should have fun too! The best way to prepare for a brunch at your place will be to plan what you all will eat. Here are two good options 

  1. Brunch Boxes

Have you had one before? Do not stress out if you have not heard of them before! They are containers that fit everything you would like to serve in one convenient place while your guests arrive. Brunch boxes, ensure all your friends, early or even late, receive their brunch.

  1. Brunch Potluck

Are you worried about a big mess from cooking? A brunch potluck is an option for you! Connect with your besties to build a menu and have everyone pick a dish to bring. You can also suggest having everyone pick their favorite breakfast item to cook.

Tips for styling winter brunch outfits

Planning your brunch can be stressful but picking your outfit doesn't have to be! Confidence is the best gift you can give yourself and that means dressing in clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. This is what you should consider when styling your winter brunch outfit.

Stylish Comfort 

There are many different ways to style a winter outfit for a brunch with your girlfriends. If you’re going to a nice restaurant you might want to dress it up. While a brunch at home might include more casual wear. No matter if you choose to dress up or down, comfort should always be considered. 

While an elaborate outfit might make you stand out, if your body does not feel comfortable you'll spend more time making adjustments than enjoying your brunch. Avoiding tight clothes is a great first step to choosing your outfit. Your clothing should allow for free movement, where you don't feel uncomfortable after your meal. This can look like picking comfortable joggers instead of stiff pants or going with breathable tops and bottoms instead of a tight dress.  

When in doubt, feel it out!


During winter layering is a key part of your outfit. You will thank yourself for avoiding the annoyance of goosebumps and shivers. To layer, you will need these three layers depending on how cold the day is. 

  1. Base layer

Should be breathable and support your comfort as you add layers. Consider a short sleeve or long sleeve skin-hugging top as your base. 

  1. Middle layer

Should help retain the heat from your body and protect you from the cold. For this layer, you can consider wearing a lightweight jacket or sweater. Your second layer should not be too bulky as you might need to add a coat.

  1. Top or outer layer

Should protect you from the elements such as snow or rain. Depending on how cold it is this layer might look differently for you.

The best joggers for brunch

Joggers will make a great addition to your outfit, explore our favorites and find the best fit for you!

Jogger w/ Zipper

Black jogger with zipper.

This versatile jogger Is perfect for dressing up for dinner or down going to the office. Side panels elevate this design and elongate the leg shape. The contrast zipper at the leg opening can be zipped for a straight leg look or unzipped for a slight flare. The pull-on design makes this jogger an easy piece to pair with a top or a comfy jacket.

French Terry Pant

Light Blue French terry jogger pants.

Made from soft and cozy fabric with a comfortable stretch, this jogger pant is perfect for cuddling on the couch or running around town. We love the beautiful Blue Slate color. Pair with the French Terry Jacket for a stylish loungewear set!

Printed Jogger

White and Black printed jogger.

Run, Hop, Skip, Jog in our newest jogger pant! This versatile jogger is great for your girl's night or dinner date. Our signature front and back patch pockets allow you to carry all your essentials. The lightweight 4-way stretch fabric gives non-restrictive movement. Complete your fashionable look with a comfy and cute shirt!

Brunch is a great way to spend time with friends over a delicious meal. Whether you're going out or staying in, a great brunch starts with planning for it. Try out our hosting tips and enjoy your mimosas without the cleanup stress. Explore our joggers and start building your confident and comfortable brunch outfit!