Women’s Golf, Tennis, & Active Apparel

Women’s Golf, Tennis, & Active Apparel

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Women's Golf, Tennis, and Active Clothing

Our exquisite women's golf and athletic apparel will carry you throughout your day - from the golf course to the coffee shop to the work meeting. From women's Activewear tGolf and Tennis, Jofit collections are classic and transitional, perfect for a quick round on the course, an intense match with your doubles partner or a mani/pedi, a lunch date with your best girlfriends! Our specially designed and sourced fabrics are great for all kinds of activities and create a fun way to express yourself.

Women's Active Apparel for Year Round Activities

Shirts, shorts, and even active dresses, Jofit has your summer golf or tennis outfit ready! Whether you're into skorts for a classic tennis look or love the feel of longer shorts to perfect your golf swing, we have something for everyone. And if you're working out in the mornings when it's a little cooler, we have a wide variety of women's golf pants, women's active jackets and long sleeve active shirts to keep you warm and covered for year-round play and performance.

Find the perfect set of active clothes for year-round style and activity with Jofit.