Women's Athletic Pants

Women's Athletic Pants

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Women’s Athletic Pants

A great pair of athletic pants are an essential building block for a stylish workout outfit. The perfect blend of fashion and function, Jofit’s selection of athletic pants for women are perfect for active days or leisurely time at home. We’ve made sure our athletic pants are the perfect place to start when creating a workout outfit. They’re form-fitting, fashionable, all while incorporating practical elements -get this- they even have pockets!

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One of the most important elements of a great pair of athletic pants is a fit that is comfortable without sacrificing a flattering shape. Our Optical Delusion tights are a great example of athletic pants that look just as great as they fit. Perfect for cooler weather in particular, these tights have a ton of great benefits including:

Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. Nothing is more annoying than clothing that creates a stuffy, itchy, and uncomfortable feeling. Our blend of knit and stretch fabric creates flexible pants that are also substantial, so you don’t need to worry about creating rips or wearing them down while you’re on the go.

Compression fit. Compression pants have been shown to host a ton of great health benefits, from increased blood and oxygen flow to absorption of muscle tension. You’ll feel that perfect hug from your tights without an uncomfortable squeezing sensation. Plus, compression pants are incredibly form-fitting and flattering, making them the perfect trend to add to your wardrobe.

Panels and pockets. Our tights are equipped with side panels, which are an excellent way to achieve a slimming effect. Partnered with the contoured waistband, the side panels work to form an hourglass shape, flattering on any body type.

Athleisure Made Easy

Athlesiure has been a top trend recently and it isn’t hard to see why! Traditionally, there’s been a steep divide between workout clothes and more traditional fashion. What if there was somewhere in the middle where the two could meet? Our athletic tights can easily translate to activities outside the gym from walks around the neighborhood to trips to the grocery store. We’ve designed our athletic pants with a woman’s body in mind. Every proprietary detail is carefully designed to contour and shape while remaining flexible and comfortable. You don’t have to risk looking frumpy in boxy and unflattering workout gear anymore!