What is UPF?

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The UPF indicates how much UV radiation a fabric will allow to reach your skin.

What UPF Ratings Mean

The first thing you should know is that UPF is for fabrics what SPF is for sunscreen. When a fabric is tested, it is awarded an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating.

UPF 50+ is the maximum UPF rating achievable. UPF 50+ fabrics indicate that only up to 2% of UV radiation can penetrate through the garment.

Below is a scale of ratings that you should be aware of if you are selecting clothing to protect your skin from the sun.

  • UPF Ratings of 15 and 20 provide good levels of sun protection
  • UPF Ratings of 25, 30 and 35 provide very good levels of sun protection
  • UPF Ratings of 40, 45, 50 and 50+ provide excellent levels of sun protection

Jofit's UV Tops are all rewarded a UPF 50 rating!

UPF Clothing Features

Fine Gauge Knits

The color, construction and content of a fabric impact the UPF rating. Jofit uses fine gauge knit fabrics to prevent harmful rays from passing through to your skin. The fine gauge knit fabric also make it impossible for the sun protection to wash out. Each of our fabrics are tested in our high-tech fabric mills to ensure ultimate construction and protection!

UV Fabrics

Jofit uses specific fabrics, like polyester and nylon, that do an excellent job at disrupting UV light.

Thumb Holes

Jofit produces many different styles of UV Tops to give our sisters a wide variety of options depending on her style. A key UV Protection feature that most of our UV Tops possess are thumb holes. These allow the UV shirt to cover the entire back of your hand while you’re on the course or the courts!

Who Can Benefit from UPF Clothing

UPF clothing is beneficial for all age groups and all activity levels.

For Golf

UPF clothing is extremely important in golf as the sport only takes place outside! Golf requires much focus and attention, so minimal distractions is key! To minimize distractions, Jofit works hard to provide a super comfortable experience with both moisture-wicking performance fabrics and high UPF rated fabrics. All of Jofit’s UV tops meet course etiquette, and are rated UPF 50. Not only do our UV Tops rate the highest, but all of our golf tops and bottoms are rated UPF 50 as well! 

You can solely focus on your swing and your game when you know that you are being fully protected from the sun.

For Tennis

UPF clothing is extremely important in tennis when running back and forth on the court! Thankfully, you don’t realize how hard the sun is beating down on you when you are fully protecting your skin in a UV top and bottom.

All of Jofit's tennis tops and bottoms are perfect for the activity level that is required on the court and are super lightweight to keep you cool.... and are UPF 50!!

For an Active Lifestyle

If you are active in the hiking, running, biking or outdoor world, then UPF is something you should be conscious of in order to protect your skin. Protecting your skin early in life will allow for your skin to stay young and healthy longer!

Using highly rated UPF fabrics can also enhance your performance in your everyday active lifestyle as you are protecting your skin from harmful rays and allowing yourself to maximize your time in the great outdoors!

How to Care for UPF Clothing

Jofit uses fine gauge knit fabrics to prevent harmful rays from passing through to your skin. Because of this fine gauge knit, the sun protection will never wash out.

You can follow the standard care instructions on each UV garment.