Best Tennis Clothes for Winter

Tennis is a year-round game! Keep warm and comfortable year-round with a selection of Jofit winter tennis apparel. When winter arrives, that means cooler mornings and earlier bedtimes. But it does not mean slowing down your game! With tennis courts around the country opening up just in time for training season, there’s no better way to start fresh than with a new set of winter-focused tennis clothes.

The most important part of your cold-weather tennis game is getting your hands on a few key essential items that are lightweight and breathable for full-game wear without overheating, all the while keeping you warm, cozy, and stylish in the cooler months.

What to look for in winter tennis clothes

Warm Up Jackets

Tennis Pants

Long Sleeve Tennis Tops

What To Look For In Winter Tennis Clothes

There is so much to love about fall and winter, and finding fashionably fitted tennis apparel is one of them. Here are a few things to look out for when looking for your winter tennis outfit.


Women’s tennis apparel comes in a variety of fits and cuts. Our tops are designed to fit your shape and all are fitted with scooped hems for increased coverage and back darts to pull the waist in for a more feminine shape. Tennis apparel should fit somewhere between your loose golf clothing and your tighter gym apparel. Not too loose that you lose your quick pivots, but not too restrictive that you lose flexibility in your game.


To truly perform in the winter, try out a fabric that is moisture-wicking while providing full coverage. Performance-focused fabric with moisture management properties is the cornerstone of our products. Our soft nylon and spandex blend tops are a great choice for anyone looking to keep warm and dry. This breathable fabric blend looks incredibly stylish and has no problem stretching and moving with you around the court.

Ease of care

Do you want to know the best part about Jofit’s tennis apparel? You won't break a sweat over the quality of our apparel. Why? Because they’re so easy to take care of! Our machine washable tennis jackets and pants are the height of ease and comfort. With busy lives having tennis clothes that are easily machine washable, dry quickly, and remain wrinkle-free - are important, especially if you’re on the road a lot.

Warm Up Jackets

Nothing says winter tennis like a stunning women's tennis jacket! Whether you are walking to and from the court or practicing your famous drop shot, we have the jacket for you! In fact, our best-selling wind jacket with removable sleeves is built for versatility! This classic design is built with those cold mornings in mind. Removable sleeves make it easy to create the tennis outfit of your choice at any moment and keep your game flawless, no matter what the temperature is.

Made with our heavyweight jersey material, our tennis jackets are built for cooler mornings and winter weather. Pair that with our moisture-wicking technology, and our jackets are a must for any winter activity! The best part? Our jackets are 100% machine washable for season-round wear without wrinkles or rips!

Don’t believe us? Just ask one of our gorgeous girlfriends:

Alexandra says “What a fabulous jacket! Great fabric and fit, and the sleeves are removable? YES! But not in the manner you would imagine. Unfortunately, we in Phoenix had a very short Spring (went from 40s to high 80s, then 100s) so I’ve only been able to try my jacket in the house 😁. It’s very easy to remove the sleeves and stow them in the pockets.”

Tennis Pants

The right pair of women's tennis pants can take you effortlessly from mastering the game on the court to coffee afterward with girlfriends. They’re versatile, perfect for summer or winter - we love ours for the ultra-stretchable, extremely comfortable fabrics that include our moisture-wicking technology. So whether we’re killing the game with our forehand, or taking a quick lap, we know we’re not going to be restricted. When you're looking for tennis pants, we recommend looking for ones with a wide contoured waistband to prevent slippage and give you a toned shape.

The best thing about our tennis pants is that they’ll let you move freely around the court without worrying about your pants slowing your pivot, restricting your movement, or slippage. Our best-selling Optical Delusion bottoms in classic black are made with a heavyweight knitted fabric. This means they are stylish AND will keep you warm. They also come with front and back pockets (I know, it’s a miracle of Jofit science) and are great for on and off the court!

But don’t take it from us, ask one of our fave customers:

Catherine says “Love the fit and love the pockets! True to size...ordered a Medium and I’m usually a size 10ish. No bunching or riding down either at the waist or at the knees. Have worn them several times this month on the course during our cooler mornings. Solid purchase and love that I got them on sale!”

Long Sleeve Tennis Tops

Long sleeve tennis tops are the essential tennis apparel for winter. The ingenious designs are built to keep you on top of your game, give you a feminine silhouette, and keep you warm without sacrificing style. There’s a lot to love about our UV mocks and long sleeve shirts, starting with the fact they’re all UPF 50! Everyone knows the winter sun can be just as harsh as summer, so why not protect yourself with a UPF 50 long sleeve top. Look for long sleeve tennis tops that use back darts to pull in the waist and underarms. This will help with your tennis swing by keeping your shirt fitted and in place, no matter how powerful you are!

Ask Terri how much she loves our long sleeve mocks!

“I love these JoFit sun shirts! They are super lightweight, cool with thumb holes and long enough sleeves to really use them! I walk in these and with my big hat, I am well protected from the sun. Please make more of these! I love the cute color combos you've chosen for these.”

Tennis Apparel for Year Round Wear with Jofit

Whether you’re practicing your winter tennis game or are walking to and from the court, women's tennis apparel for winter and fall should be a blend of comfortable and versatile. Active winter clothing should:

  • Fit well
  • Be made with breathable fabric with a focus on warmth, moisture-wicking if possible!
  • Have high mobility and flexibility
  • And show off your feminine figure!